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Fly Review

The G. Loomis Pro 4X 1088-4 is the best of both worlds!

Date: 10/14/12
Tackle type: Fly Rod
Manufacturer: G.Loomis
Reviewer: Wolbugger

Total Score: 8.75 - GREAT

 As most anglers know, G. Loomis is one of the leaders in cutting edge graphite technology and rod construction.  In the fly fishing marketplace, their rods have always been regarded as some of the best available.  While the NRX series leads their fly rod lineup, the high cost they command is outside of many anglers' budgets.  Introduced at the 2011 ICAST trade show, the new Pro 4X series of fly rods from G. Loomis is advertised as offering an extremely high level of performance for a very modest price.  After acquiring the 9 foot 8 weight model, it was time to hit the water and see what this rod could do!

G.Loomis Pro 4X 1088-4 Fly Rod Specifications

Length 9'0”
Line Weight 8
Pieces 4
Action Fast
Materials GL3 and NRX graphite, Fuji aluminum oxide stripping guides, stainless steel snake guides, black aluminum reel seat.
MSRP $350.00

G. Loomis continues to step away from their famed “matte” finished rods of the past and further diversifies the appearance of their offerings with these Pro 4X rods.  While many anglers still have a special place in their hearts for the look of the classic Loomis rods, the new appearance of this lineup is definitely attractive.


The Pro 4X is thoughtfully designed from end to end.

The dark composite cork fighting butt gives a very utilitarian look transitioning into the black aluminum reel seat.  Up locking rings secure the reel thanks in part to large, easy to grip flanges that make twisting a snap.  A white “Fear No Fish” logo adorns the top of the reel seat for added detail.  The full wells grip is very comfortable and sized correctly.  The cork quality seems excellent, with no pits or obvious use of big fillers used.

The handle is extremely comfortable and is the perfect length and thickness.

The blank itself is an interesting design.  The first 3 sections are constructed of GL3 material for durability and lifting power, while the tip section uses NRX material for additional lightness and improved accuracy.  G. Loomis wanted the Pro 4X series to have a lightweight feel, which this rod delivers well.  The blank cosmetics are tastefully done and well executed.  The olive green blank features complimenting light olive wraps, and a bit of gold trim is used on the first wrap above the logo. The guides used are Fuji aluminum oxide stripping guides, and stainless steel snake guides.

The cosmetics of the Pro 4X look great and are even better in person.

Real World Test:  While an 8 weight is an incredibly versatile fly rod size, I chose to test this rod targeting Snook in southwest Florida.  Airflo Ridge, as well as Rio Saltwater Taper lines were used.  To see how the Pro 4X handled the heft of sinking lines, 26ft sink tip lines in 300 and 350 grain sizes were also lawn cast.

Fuji stripping guides are sized correctly and provide easy line flow.

Casting:  I have to give the rod high marks in this department.  This is not an ultra fast blank, nor is it the most crisp, but it casts with a butter smooth fast action and feels satisfying in hand.  Every caster has different perceptions on what rod is perfect for them, but this one fit me very well.  With floating lines it has excellent feel up close and out far, and because of that I experienced consistently solid accuracy with it.

Snake guides and the tip top are sized just right.  This aided with casting and made clearing leader knots easy.

Speaking of casting at different distances, that is one thing that really surprises me about the rod.  Up close out to mid range with a floater, it loads and fishes very well.  At first, I thought with that kind of performance at close to moderate distances it would likely run out of steam when casting long.  That is not the case!  It is extremely easy to consistently throw far while using a floating line.  It's not all that difficult to carry a lot of line in the air and shoot the entire length out of the guides plus a few feet of backing.  If you don't demand ultra fast action, this stick is tough to beat!

Casting this rod is a lot of fun simply because it's so smooth and easy to throw.

Also pleasing is the Pro 4X's capability with a high density sinking line.  I honestly do favor a bit stiffer stick for muscling these lines and the often bulky flies accompanying them, but the Pro 4X was more than adequate for the job.  Picking just one density line for the rod (pay attention Striper anglers!) a 300 grain would be about perfect.

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