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Fly Reel Review

When Less is More, the Galvan Torque Large Arbor Fly Reel


Date: 9/26/07
Tackle type: Fly Reel
Manufacturer: Galvan
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.91

Most fly reels look the same, and have a hard time differentiating themselves when it comes to style and performance. The Galvan Torque bucks that trend with racing rim good looks, and the performance to match. Aggressively machined to reduce weight the Galvan Torque seeks to prove that sometimes ďlessĒ is indeed ďmore.Ē


Galvan Torque T-4 Specifications

Line Capacity WF 4 + 100 yards
WF 5 + 75 yards
Line Weight 4-5wt.
Spool Width .850 inches
Diameter 3.25 Inches
Weight 4.5 oz.
Colors Available Black, Bronze
Materials Machined Premium bar stock aluminum
MSRP (Reel) $300.00
MSRP (Extra Spool) $136.00

About Galvan: Galvan Fly Reels was started 10 years ago by Bonaficio Galvan, and this year Galvan celebrates a decade of fine reel making with the introduction of their Torque reel, but most anglers still recognize Galvan for their popular Open Back series, which were first introduced five years ago. Galvan has earned a reputation in the industry for designing and manufacturing reels that appeal to the traditions and styles of the past, but make good use of the latest technology in blueprint and construction.


Introducing the Galvan Torque Fly Fishing Reel


Impressions: Though I consider myself a bassman first and foremost, I also enjoy fishing for trout with a fly rod, as the romps outside to nature are sometimes more than enough to make a trip out rewarding in itself. Unfortunately my affliction for quality tackle extends to all aspects of fishing, and when it comes to fly fishing I want a reel that I not only can count on, but will enjoy fishing with. Galvan has never let me down, whereas there are a number of fly reels that have. Often times with fly fishing you are traveling some distance to get to the fish, or perhaps even getting on a plane to hit that fables stretch of water that you have read about. Iíve had reelís that broke down after a day of fishing, and while it is often something minor like a clicker or drag knob malfunction, Iíd much rather not have to worry about my tackle and focus on wading through the river while pursuing fish.


We paired the reel with a G.Loomis fly rod for our tests


The Torque features a simple easy to use design. To release the spool from the frame of the reel, simply grasp the outside rim of the spool with thumb and middle finger. While pressing on the quick-release button in the center of the spool with your index finger, lift the spool out away from the frame. This will provide you access to the spindle and pawl, where you can change the direction of the spool as well.


The Torque features a rounded spool and frame rims


From the rounded spool and frame rims to the aggressively designed cutouts on the spool, frame, and drag knob, to the innovative new drag system, the Torque really does look quite different than most fly reels. At certain angles the reel reminds me of an exotic car rim, and would look right at home on the axle of a Porsche GT3.


The Torque is a large arbor reel


Real World Tests: Iíve fished with the Torque for over a full year now, and the reel has accompanied me to trips as far as New Mexico. Iíve targeted everything from tiny brook trout, mid-sized browns, and large steelhead with this reel. Using Scientific Anglers line and a Loomis GLX 6wt. rod the Torque has seen some of the prettiest fishing country the West has to offer.


We fished a number of rivers in the test including the Truckee on the California/Nevada border


Casting: The Torque is well balanced and it feels natural when rotating the spool or peeling line. A contoured counter balance weight helps balance out the reel, making it easy to pull line in bountiful amounts for quick long distance casts. Unlike the bass baitcasters that I employ on a daily basis casting distance is more dependent on both the rod and the quality of my cast that the reel itself. Suffice to say I am a much better caster with a baitcaster, but I did notice reduced fatigue with the Torque which is very lightweight, and balanced perfectly with my G.Loomis GLX rod.


The drag system is adjusted via a ridged knob

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