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Pro Angler Bryan Thrift Catches Air with Damiki’s New Frog (continued)

As the sun started to creep over the hills we could observe that there was so a great deal of bait breaking the surface, and we could even see the smaller bass chasing up and charging the bait right out of the water. While Bryan and Cal continued working the bottom with jigs I decided it was time to take advantage of the bait activity and go finesse.

With the sun on the Bryan goes back to the Air Frog in hopes of a topwater strike

“Do you have anything that I can drop shot?” I inquired. “Hmmm, not sure if we have anything in this boat,” Bryan replied as he dug through the lockers. He was able to find one pack of Damiki’s Finesse Miki lures, a plastic worm of sorts that features a long skinny tail that is finished with cupped section.

Rigging a drop shot with Damiki's "Finesse Miki"

I pinned the lure on my drop shot rig and held it close to the surface to examine just how it behaved with a slight quiver of the rod tip. The slender tail section waved aggressively as the cupped end section was slower to respond. This will work, I thought to myself as I lobbed it near the weeds.

It doesn't take long to start catching fish on the Finesse Miki

I started detecting bites almost immediately and within minutes I had my next two fish in the boat. Both of these fish were in the 1-2lb. class. Nothing to write home about, but action is action. Cal joked to Bryan “you know Zander counts those dinks.” “Hey there keeper size, they count,” I retorted. Of course once that I said that the very next fish that I stuck was no longer than the 6.5” Finesse Miki that I was drop shotting.

Another cookie cutter drop shot fish

“As hard as it is to leave fish that are biting I’d like to head to the other side of the lake and hit some of the bigger weed mats and see if we can get on a little bit of a frog bite,” Bryan said. We rocketed across the lake and found plenty of weed mats that were well off the shoreline. With depths between 7-15 feet these were ideal fish holding structure to see just what the Air Frog was all about  but when we reached the spot the wind was blowing a bit so while we waited for the wind to settle we had lunch and talked to Bryan about his favorite techniques.

After some trash talk my next fish is a dink

As we reached into the cooler we found the sandwiches that Daniel had prepared for us, as well as a nice bonus, cake-pops. These were no ordinary cake-pops, and they were shaped as either bobbers with “Damiki” written over them or smiling largemouth bass. Sweet!  

Sweet! Now that is what I call a cake-pop

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