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Anglers Marine 22nd Annual Bass-A-Thon brings out the Big Baits! (continued)

Huddleston: Chances are if your a big bait fishermen you are no stranger to Huddleston's famous ultra-realistic swimbaits. They are a staple for many big bass hunters and have also become popular among professional anglers looking to pick up those kicker fish.    


Dennis Miller the painter at Huddleston shows us the exciting new Phantom Trout swimbaits


At the show we met up with Dennis "The Menace" Miller who is a partner in the business and the head painter at Huddleston. His newest patterns are the Phantom Trout series which are translucent but still have very clear cut trout patterning on the edges of the lure. They are designed for ultra-clear water applications and are available in a range of patterns and different rates of fall.


These are the most stealthy Huddleston swimbaits to date


The Phantom Trout lures looked outstanding and the 8" swimbaits are available in Phantom Rainbow, Phantom Blue/Green, Phantom Smoke and Phantom Shasta. The 6" swimbaits are available in Phantom Juvenile, Phantom Blue/green and Phantom Smoke and Shasta patterns.


Even though the Huddleston Phantom trout swimbaits are translucent they still have that same level of incredible detail the company is famous for


Huddleston also brings down the price of all their baits to make them more easily accessible to anglers. The 8" Phantom retails for 24.99 and the 6" will cost only 14.99, both sizes are becoming available now and at the show were gobbled up quickly by anglers.


The Phantom Shasta looks fantastic for ultra clear water


In addition to the new Phantom Trout the company also introduced their new Huddle-Bond glue which is designed to fix tears in swimbaits and other plastics. The Huddle-Bond is designed to address cuts and punctures as well and dried soft to make a seamless bond. Huddle-Bond comes in a metal tube to increase the shelf life of the product and is even available in colors to modify lures. Each tube retails for $3.00, and there are a total of five different colors available.   


The new Phantom series baits look fantastic and were a hit among attendees at the show who were quick to grab the baits, especially the 200 Ken Huddleston signed lures



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