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Lure Review

Advantage Spinnerbaits offers a “flashy” alternative


Date: 12/3/11
Tackle type: Lure
Manufacturer: Advantage
Reviewer: Wolbugger

Total Score: 8.75 - GREAT

As each year passes, the variety of baits for Bass fishermen increases at an explosive rate.  Spinnerbaits are just one of the many examples.  A quick check of your favorite online retailer or tackle shop will reveal a dizzying array of spinnerbait sizes, styles, and colors.  The one problem with many of them, is that there is nothing really unique to set them apart.  Enter Illinois-based Advantage Baits, new to the scene for 2011.  Boasting made in the USA construction, they offer several features to help set them apart from the masses.  Will the performance of these new baits match their good looks?  Let's find out!  


Advantage Spinnerbaits Specifications

Type Spinnerbait
Depth Any
Skirt Material 100% Silicone
Weight 3/8, 1/2 ounce
Colors/Patterns 6
Hook Mustad Black Nickel Ultra Point #4
Additional Features Welded-in trailer, hand painted head, “EFT” technology blades
MSRP $11.99


Blades:  One of the most unique aspects of Advantage spinnerbaits are the blades themselves.  In what the company calls Extreme Flash Technology or “EFT”, the blades are etched in a precise pattern which gives them small grooves on the surface.  With this unique blade design, it causes somewhat of a holographic or 3D type flash.  I found the blades to not only be a bit flashier than most, but they also have a more natural appearance compared to what I have fished in the past. 


Introducing Advantage Baits!

The flash pattern they give out looks very different than that of a common smooth blade, and gives pressured fish something new to look at.  The blades ride on quality Worth  ball bearing swivels, and I never experienced any problems with them sticking or fluttering during retrieval.

The blades reflect light in a very different way.

As far as blade configurations, all the bases are covered.  You can buy the spinnerbaits with tandem colorado, tandem willow, colorado/willow combination, or a single blade.  Blade finishes include gold, copper, nickel, and various transparent powder coated candy finishes.  Advantage also sells the blades by themselves in the $4.00 range for a pack of 2.

Skirt/Head:  The skirts of these baits are currently available in 6 colors and have some smart features.  They are comprised of a 100% 70 strand silicone creature skirt with a welded hub.  The welded hub makes removing skirts much easier.  The individual silicone strands are all connected to this central “hub” and will not fall out or become uneven when pulled off the hook shank like many cheaper skirts.  Behind the head of the bait is a built in collar which holds the skirt in place, as well as a trailer keeper.  The collar does hold the skirt in very securely, but coupled with the trailer keeper can provide a minor challenge when you want to remove the skirt.  Still, skirts always took me under 30 seconds to fully remove so it was really just a minor nuisance.

The collar, trailer keeper, and skirt/trailer hub.

As mentioned, the head features a trailer keeper to hold your trailer in place, but the skirt already features one standard!  2 built in “necktie” trailers are welded into the same skirt hub previously mentioned, so the whole skirt and trailer is one simple unit.  Not only do the trailers add visual appeal, but they actually do have a surprisingly nice fluttering action. 

Since the trailers are connected to the skirt hub and not the hook shank, it leaves the shank open if you want to put on your own additional trailer.  I found this totally unnecessary since the stock trailer performs so well.

The Bluegill pattern features wonderful detail.

The heads of these baits are hand painted by Boss Outdoors.  They look superb and feature a nice amount of detail.  My personal favorite was the Bluegill color with it's beautifully done coloration and realistic scale pattern.  3D eyes add to the great look. While the finish looks impressive, like most spinnerbaits out there the head will chip with heavy use around hard structure.  After several excursions of slow rolling and banging the 1/2oz bait through deep rocks and rubble, a bit of the paint wore off.

Beat on these baits hard enough and scars start to show...

Hook: The standard hook on the currently-produced 3/8 and 1/2oz spinnerbaits are #4 Mustad black nickel Ultra Point hooks.  The hooks are the right size and are quite sharp in stock form.  They are very strong and penetrated without fail.

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