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Tool Review

Job Done - Accurate's Redesigned Piranha Extra Lite Pliers

Date: 12/17/14
Tackle type: Tools
Manufacturer: Accurate
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.0 - GREAT

One of the most useful tools an angler can own is a trusty pair of pliers. While some anglers are perfectly content to pull out a pair of long nose pliers from their toolboxes at home there are manufacturers that design pliers specifically for fishing applications. One such offering is the Piranha Extra Lite Pliers from Accurate, a company that knows a thing or two about building serious offshore tackle.


Accurate Piranha Extra Lite Pliers Specifications

Material Aircraft grade aluminum
Size 8"
Colors Stainless Steel, Gunmetal Grey
Features Integrated tungsten carbide cutters that are replaceable, tungsten carbide jaws that are replaceable(Optional: Self coiling lanyard, protective cordura sheath)
Origin USA
MSRP $99.99 ($89.99 for the APXL-7 7 Inch Model)

Accurate has redesigned their Piranha Pliers, meet the "Extra Lite"


Impressions: Accurate is not as well known to bass anglers as it is to saltwater sports fishermen who rely on the company's robust conventional reels to tackle some of the world's biggest and toughest species. The company started out as a machine shop that specialized in building precision aircraft engine components. The team brought that hi-tech, spare no cost philosophy to the sportfishing tackle market in 1990, 40 years into the company's existence.


These pliers are machined out of aircraft grade aluminum


Their first product? Not a reel but rather a tool, a fishing gaff to be exact. This spawned a line of reel conversion components for other saltwater brands like Penn, and eventually the company transitioned to designing and manufacturing complete reels. It didn't take long for saltwater anglers to take notice, and within the span of just a few seasons Accurate became known for designing some of the very best saltwater reels on the market. Today all of the company's reels and tools continue to be manufactured in the company's own facility in Los Angeles, California.


Both the jaws and cutting blades are made out of carbide tungsten


Last season Accurate introduced a new pair of pliers that built on their original Piranha Series, called the Piranha Extra Lite Pliers. The redesigned pliers are still made out of aircraft-grade aluminum but feature more aggressive machining to bring the weight of the pliers down. The 8" model weighs in at 4.8oz. while the 7 inch model weighs in at only 4.2oz., and also includes an integrated cutter that is rated for cutting through braided lines.


The grips are machined with ergonomic edges


In the lab the pliers look and feel very high quality, and the machining work on the pliers is excellent. We test cut a variety of lines ranging from nylon monofilament to 70lb braid and in each case the tungsten carbide cutters did a good job making clean cuts without frayed edges. My only gripe at this point was that the nylon sheath is an optional accessory. When the pliers are at rest the spring loaded jaws hold them in an open position, making them a little harder to carry around without a sheath. It was time to see just how well these pliers would perform in real world applications.


From the side the handles appear totally solid


Real World Tests: To test the Accurate Piranha Extra Lite Pliers we employed the tool on our bass fishing trips for an entire season and also brought it with us to fish in inshore applications as well as a getaway to the Big Island of Hawaii to target some local coastal species. 


Fishing in Hawaii, but certainly no vacation for the Accurate Piranha Extra Lite Pliers


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