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Holiday Gift Guide

2015 Holiday Gift Guide Part 1: Ring in the Holidays with New Reel, Rods, and Baits


Date: 11/27/15
Tackle type: Various
Manufacturer: Various
Reviewer: Team TackleTour



Introduction: It's Black Friday, the day that is often regarded by US consumers as the beginning of the holiday shopping season. There are many retailers and e-tailers, including those that cater to anglers, that are jump starting the season by offering some aggressive promotional deals, and this year we had an unusually amount of new gear to select from. With so much gear it was really hard to narrow it all down, but TT Girl Keiko is here to help, and whether your seeking that shiny new reel for yourself or are looking for that perfect gift for that deserving angling buddy, here are our staff's picks for this year's 2015 Holiday Gift Guide. 


Freshwater Spinning Reel : 13 Fishing Concept A baitcaster - $174.99 at TackleWarehouse


Freshwater Casting Reel (13 Fishing Concept A + Trick Shop): Where did these guys come from?! 13 Fishing has made huge strides in just the last few years and what started out as a small company looking to mix things up has become the biggest new brand to enter the freshwater fishing arena in years. While we fully expected to make a pick in this category from one of the old guard reel manufacturers when we tallied the votes we found that when you consider the performance, price, and sheer fun factor the 13 Fishing Concept A is the real winner. The 13 Fishing Concept A reel has just been refined with the new "Beetle Wing" sideplate for easier access to the centrifugal braking system and still remains sleek and compact, delivering much more performance than you normally would expect form a $175 dollar baitcaster. Available in a wide range of retrieves (5.3:1, 6.6:1, and 7.3:1) in both right and left and retrieves (yes finally, lefties rejoice!) this reel can be further made to truly match your rig or unique cosmetic tastes with the plethora of 13 Fishing Trick Shop options. Available at TackleWarehouse the 13 Fishing Concept A and Trick Shop components will help any angler create their own signature workhorse baitcaster this season.


Freshwater All Purpose Casting Rod : G.Loomis E6X Series - $179.99 to $199.99 at TackleWarehouse


Freshwater Casting Rod (G.Loomis E6X): We were not sure we would ever see the day but earlier this year G.Loomis introduced their first series under the 200 dollar price mark and what they came up with truly surprised us. The E6X Series is not some value rod, it delivers real G.Loomis DNA into a rod that is in reach of the mainstream angler, and each rod is still handcrafted in the company's Woodland Washington factory. The E6X rods look clean, and make use of new blank material to deliver a lighter rod with an increased strength-to-weight ratio and excellent sensitivity. This fusion of high performing proprietary G. Loomis materials with low resin content, reduced scrim, and a higher ratio of high strain rate carbon fiber enabled G. Loomis to produce the very precise action and flex for the intended application. Multi-Taper technology provides uniform wall thickness minimizes weak points in the blank as well for increased durability and strength. The rod makes use of Fuji Aluminum Oxide guides as well as Fuji reel seats, so no cutting corners here. How good are these new rods? We would take them over the GL3 rods any day. With a wide assortment all under 200 dollars at TackleWarehouse the new G.Loomis E6X rods are the ticket for introducing any angler to G.Loomis brand.


Freshwater Spinning Reel : Pfleuger Patriarch XT - $249 at TackleWarehouse

Freshwater Spinning Reel (Pfleuger Patriarch XT): The mid/high spinning reel market is full of contenders, but perhaps one of the best values in this segment of the market is Pfleuger's Patriarch XT. This attractive little reel features high end styling together with construction features normally only offered in reels twice its price point or more. The key aspect of the Patriarch XT? It features a magnesium alloy body for the best in weight to rigidity ratio yet it won't break your holiday budget. Priced at $249 at TackleWarehouse, the Patriarch XT is sure to meet the expectations of both the new and experienced angler on your list.

Freshwater Spinning Rod : 13 Fishing Omen Black 2 - $99 to $119 at TackleWarehouse

Freshwater Spinning Rod (13 Fishing Omen 2): 13 Fishing is making waves with their reels but what started it all was their rods. The new Omen 2 Series up the ante for a wide range of spinning applications by delivering better action through use of  advanced 30-ton Japanese Toray blanks with PVG technology. Poly Vector Graphite Technology allows for the strategic interlacing of graphite to precisely control the fiber angle alignment during the blank rolling process. PVGs tighter graphite composition increases sensitivity and hoop strength by preventing energy loss due to ovalization under extreme pressure. Creating an even more balanced and sensitive rods than their predecessors. To make things even better 13 Fishing has turned to ALPS to leverage their high quality High quality ALPS guides with Zirconia inserts and utilizing Evolve Engage reel seats which form a lightweight comfortable base for your reels. Each rod comes equipped with a Evolve Snag-less hook keeper as well for added convenience. 13 Fishing continues to keep the Omen Series affordable at only $99 to $119 dollars at TackleWarehouse. These new rods not only look updated but deliver performance and handling that make these sequel even better than the original.

Freshwater Hardbait : Rapala Shadow Rap - $8.99 at TackleWarehouse and Hi's Tackle Box

Freshwater Hardbait (Rapala Shadow Rap): Earlier this year, Rapala launched a somewhat unique marketing campaign to announce their new lure, the Shadow Rap to the angling public. Early photos consisted simply of a shadowy silhouette with little to no other information. Emerging from those mysterious images was a very lively new jerkbait very worthy of the Rapala brand name. A great stocking stuffer, the Shadow Rap is available for $8.99 at both TackleWarehouse and Hi's Tackle Box.

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