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Lure Review

Creature Fever: Gettin' Crazy With the Yamamoto PsychoDad!


Date: 5/11/14
Tackle type: Lure
Manufacturer: Yamamoto
Reviewer: Wolbugger

Total Score: 6.83 - FAIR

Gary Yamamoto is widely known for producing some of the hottest baits available today. Like Gary himself, his son Derek shares the same passion for both fishing and creating quality baits. His Kinami lineup offers anglers hard and soft baits in a variety of styles and colors. I actually started fishing Kinami baits about ten years ago, and quickly became a big fan of their version of the Senko called the Flash. At ICAST 2012, Cal and myself visited the folks at Kinami to check out their brand new PsychoDad baits that are designed with punching in mind. They were receiving a lot of buzz at the time, and we just had to learn more about what made them so special. Imitating crawfish, these highly-anticipated soft plastics showed a lot of potential and we knew we had to get our hands on some for a full review. Now being sold in Yamamoto packaging, do they really perform as good as they look?


Yamamoto PsychoDad Specifications

Type Creature bait
Class Soft plastic
Depth Any
Size 3 3/4 inches
Colors/Patterns 12
MSRP $5.39 for pack of five (TackleWarehouse.com)

The PsychoDad looks great and comes in realistic colors.

Impressions: The Yamamoto PsychoDad is an attractive little bait that is made to excel at the punching technique. Designed by punching guru Bub Tosh, its small profile allows it to easily slip through the thick vegetation that you commonly find while punching, flipping, and pitching. Even though it was designed with these techniques in mind, it's a versatile offering that can be fished using other methods.

The thin body is the perfect size for probing the thickest cover

The body of the PsychoDad is quite thin and features a flat bottom with some contours on the top side. The plastic is surprisingly soft for a bait that's designed for such heavy-duty techniques. You'll find two legs on each side of the bait that produce additional action on the fallómore on those later. Helping to complete the package are two chubby claws, as well as a thicker section at the very end of the tail to supposedly provide a surer hold for a hook shank or bait-keeping barb.

The added flake is a bit heavier on the belly.

In the head portion, there is a hollow cavity in the plastic that will accept up to a seven-millimeter rattle. This is a great feature, however it makes the plastic thinner and weaker in this region. In contrast, the other half of the body from the middle to the tail is solid plastic for sturdier rigging.

Since this picture was taken, the packaging has changed to a Yamamoto bag.

Real World Tests: I fished the Yamamoto PsychoDads both in California and Florida. The testing period included rigging the baits for flipping, pitching, and punching. I also spent a fair amount of time using PsychoDads as trailers on football jigs while fishing deep California reservoirs during my visit in fall of 2013.

Here's a good look at the entrance to the hollow rattle chamber.

Casting: There isn't a whole lot to talk about in regards to casting this bait. You're probably not going to be fishing it totally weightless, so it will always be rigged with some type of sinker, jig head, or on the back of a jig. Since the PsychoDad is both thin and compact, it casts and pitches easily no matter how you choose to rig it. Once it splashes down, the slim profile allows it to sink quickly and slip through cover easily, though the claws can occasionally catch a bit on vegetation.

Chubby claws add both bulk and action.

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