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Lure Review

Creature Fever: Wave Worms Tiki Stick Goes Pro and Gets Heavier and Softer


Date: 4/15/12
Tackle type: Lure
Manufacturer: Wave Worms
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.25 - GREAT

When it comes to soft plastic stick baits the first lure that usually comes to mind is the good old Yamamoto Senko. This lure is so popular that some anglers even refer to all stickbaits as “Senkos.” There is no question that the Senko is a flat out fish catching machine, in fact it is what many anglers that are just starting out with lures build their confidence on. Yet it is the one lure that bass fishermen seem to never outgrow and many professional anglers continue to turn to the Senko when there is money on the line.


Wave Worms Tiki Stick Specifications

Type Soft stickbait worm
Material Plastic
Colors/Patterns 5+ available
Size 5 inch
Scent Yes (MOLOPO)
MSRP $4.99 (pack of 10 lures)


A familiar "creature," the Wave Worms Tiki Stick is now Super Soft

As with so many fishing lures when a formula works it spawns an entire category and today there are well over 50 different stick bait options from a wide array of manufacturers. Most look very similar in profile to the Senko but some have a slightly different take on the formula which may consist of different materials, fall rates, actions, increased durability and reduced price. Wave Worms has been selling their Tiki Sticks for years and these lures exhibit a slow fall rate a very constant horizontal fall but are designed to deliver plenty of action when rigged wacky style.

The Tiki Stick SSP (blue) side by side with a traditional Yamamoto Senko

The newest bait in the Wave Worms Tiki Stick lineup is the new “Super Soft Pro.” As the name of the bait implies the new “SSP” is now a lot softer which generates more action during the fall and is designed to be more collapsible and feel more natural to fish. Though the bait looks very similar in profile it uses a heavier plastic which allows it to hold twice as much salt and deliver a faster rate of fall.  

Both worms are infused with copious amounts of salt

Impressions: Visually the Tiki Stick Super Soft Pro is near identical to the Senko and features a fat profile that tapers down much like a genuine crawler. The only real cosmetic difference is the signature flat area in the upper half of the Senko, which resembles a citellum on a worm, but also helps anglers gauge the hook position on the bait.

The new Tiki Stick is soft enough to tie in a knot

From just a few feet away it would be easy to mistake the SSP for the Senko but another thing that sets them apart is Wave’s signature scent. The MOLOPO scent is infused into the bait itself so the lures are not slippery or sticky. The actual scent is somewhat hard to describe and really doesn’t smell overpowering, more than anything else it seems to mask the scent of the plastic.  

The worms are 5" in length

Real World Tests: To test the Tiki Stick SSP we hit some of our favorite Northern California bodies of water for fishing soft stick baits, this included the Delta, Clear Lake and Lake Berryessa. Tests included fishing these baits with a variety of rigging methods and side by side with other popular stick baits including the venerable Yamamoto Senko.

The soft plastic makes this a great bait for wacky rigs

Casting: One of the best things about stickbaits is their versatility and the Tiki Stick Pro is extremely flexible allowing it to be used for everything from Carolina and Texas Rigs to dropshot, weighted hook, weightless and wacky rigs. Weighing just over 3oz. in weight the Tiki Stick is easy to cast even when it is rigged weightless, which actually proved to be one of the most effective ways to fish this lure.

Rigged Texas for a weedless presentation

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