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Lure Review


The Original TroutGlider - The Glide Bait for Millennials


Date: 5/29/17
Tackle Type: Lure
Manufacturer: TroutGlider
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.75 - GOOD

There's no question one of the hottest bait trends today is that of the two-piece bigs known as glide baits. Our 2014 Glide Week witnessed a sharp spike in traffic as we broke down six of the more popular and interesting glide baits to catch our eye and break our collective wallets. Earlier, this year, while surfing Facebook, we caught an ad (yes, Facebook ads do work) for a bait that intrigued us. Dubbed "The Original TroutGlider", we purchased a couple for a closer look. Here's what we found.


Original TroutGlider 7 Specifications

Type Glide Bait
Length 7"
Weight 2.75oz
Class Slow Sink
Material Hard Plastic/Resin
Colors 5
Hooks 2x #2 VMC (upgradeable on purchase to Owner)
MSRP $29 each


Introducing the Original TroutGlider 7.


Impressions: What attracted us to this bait was the manufacturer's use of photos in place of paint for the bait's finish.


While not a new practice by any means, the quality of finishes using this technique have really improved over the last couple of years and the Original TroutGlider is evidence of this improvement.


My issue with these finishes in the past was how muddy they tended to be and without any of the realistic color. This bait has a much improved appearance with a lot of the more natural looking coloration along the side of the bait.

The TroutGlider features a photograph finish that offers better coloration at the bait's body than we've seen in similar finishes from the past.

When it comes to glide baits, the ones most big bait enthusiasts take seriously of course, are big. We're talking eight inches or preferably more in length. Having said that, there are a few glide baits out there that are tailored more for the recreational or tournament angler. These baits are smaller, lighter, and much easier to toss. The TroutGlider falls into the latter category. It measures only seven inches (7") in length and weighs under three ounces. It comes stock with VMC hooks, but you can upgrade these when you order to Owner brand and they will swap them out for you before shipping.

Rigged and ready to go.

Real World Tests: I know, for the uninitiated, three ounces sounds like a lot, but this bait is light by big bait standards. In fact, all you really need is a heavy to extra-heavy powered stick. For the TroutGlider's tests, I threw it mostly on my Shimano Metanium MGL and Denali Attax AC704F combo spooled with twelve pound (12lb) Seaguar Tatsu fluorocarbon.

Casting this bait is relatively easy with a standard heavy or extra-heavy powered bass rod.

Castability: Of course, tossing baits over the recommended lure weight rating on your stick puts your warranty in jeopardy, so proceed at your own risk, but the secret to casting baits like this is in the technique.

All you need is a nice, easy side arm lob cast to get a  bait like the TroutGlider flying through the air past your target point so you can retrieve it through the strike zone.

The TroutGlider comes standard with VMC hooks, but these can be upgraded during your order to Owner hooks (shown).

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