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Watercraft Preview

A Revolutionary new Trolling Motor, the Foldable Torqeedo

Date: 4/08/08
Tackle type: Watercraft
Manufacturer: Torqeedo
Reviewer: Zander


There is a new player on the trolling motor scene, meet Torqeedo a company that offers a revolutionary new electric motor which is and environmentally friendly alternative to heavy, high-maintenance internal combustion engines. Completely engineered from a blank-page approach, the award-winning Travel 801 by Torqeedo is high-powered, lightweight, foldable and easy to transport.


The Torqeedo Travel is a true lightweight: with a total weight of 25 pounds (short shaft version) including battery

About Torqeedo: Established in February 2005, Torqeedo specializes in the development and commercialization of top-class electric boat drives. While product management and marketing take an international approach, development and production are located in Germany. The company has its headquarters in Starnberg, on Lake Starnberg. As is the case with many European waterways, the use of combustion engines on the lake is restricted for nature preservation purposes. As a rule, anyone wishing to travel on the lake using an engine has to make use of only electric motors. This was also what triggered the establishment of Torqeedo. The company felt that the range of electric boat motors currently available did not make use of the latest technologies presented by electric drives.

With a integrated lithium-manganese, high-performance battery, the Torqeedo Travel motor is the only electric outboard motor which does not need an external battery connection. For uses where the mobility of the Travel model is not important or where a larger battery bank is required, the motor can also be connected to standard lead batteries using the batter adapter delivered as an accessory

The Torqeedo Travel model: While the company makes more powerful units we became very interested in the all-in-one 801 travel model. Tenders, dinghies and day sailors with up to 1.5 tons displacement can get plenty of propulsion courtesy of Torqeedo's innovative electrical and propeller technologies. The solution is designed to be twice as efficient as conventional electric outboards and the 801 produces the propulsive power of a 2 hp combustion outboard, but with considerably higher thrust and low eddy.

The prop was designed specifically for the Torqeedo motor and is "Highly efficient Variable Pitch Variable Camber (VPVC)"

The 801 generates all this power with their safe, rechargeable battery.  Torqeedo is first in the marine industry to use a powerful 7.7-lb. lithium manganese battery integrated right into the top of the trolling motor itself. The battery is simply lifted off the unit in seconds for nightly recharging, eliminating the hassle of cumbersome battery connections and heavy lead batteries. Gas outboards of lower power classes lose up to 75% of their rated power at the propeller. The efficiency of the Torqeedo enables it to use the final propulsive power of 350 watts, or only 1/2 hp, to provide the same end result as a 2 hp gas outboard. The Travel 801's input power is 800 watts. Rated power is 29.6 volts. Final charge is 33.6 volts.

The mounting bracket is height adjustable and capable of tilting and trimming

The unit is made even more portable with the ability to collapse with a folding mechanism.  The compact 12.2" x 12.6" x 17.7" package can be neatly inserted into the included waterproof travel pack.  It's easily re-assembled at the waterfront. Altogether, the Travel 801 weighs only 25.5 lbs., making it easy to store on board or on land. Torqeedo is ideal for boats that dock where there's no electrical supply.  Even when stored for many months, minimal charge is lost.

With the Torqeedo unique folding mechanism, the Torqeedo Travel model can be reduced to a handy format. In the waterproof travel pack, the motor can be transported easily.

Conclusion: The Torqeedo Travel 801 is also a green solution and eliminates the possibility of contaminating the water with fuel.  Because it produces no greenhouse gasses, such as carbon dioxide or nitrogen oxide, the environment is safe on this front, too. The small outboard runs smoothly and noiselessly. Torqeedo also is first to use electronically commutated permanent-magnet excited external rotor motors (a.k.a. "torque" motors, hence the company name). They are the only outboard manufacturer to use 12" x 10" high-performance, variable-pitch, variable-camber propellers, capable of 720 rpm at full power. The shorter shaft model is suitable for smaller, flat bottom boats. More unique features include an integrated battery status display, totally adjustable forward/reverse drive, height-adjustable shaft and the variable pin. The Suggested retail price of the Travel 801 from Torqeedo is $1,599. A replacement battery is also available for $599. Is the new Torqeedo going to shake up the trolling motor market? Consumers can decide now as the Torqeedo 801 travel motor is already available from retailers including West Marine and Cabelas.










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