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TackleTour's "Gear Up For Summer" Buyers Guide (Part 2)

Date: 5/05/09
Tackle type: Various
Manufacturer: Various
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

We return to our "Gear Up For Summer" Buyers Guide and the TT Girls are eager to usher in more picks. Next up on our list are the offerings in the big bait category. Starting us back up in part two of our coverage is TT Girl Ms. Mari. Bring on the swimbait gear!


TT Girl Ms. Mari holds a swimbait rig...


Swimbait Reel: (Daiwa Pluton) This is our most expensive pick in this year's guide but the Daiwa Pluton is worth every penny of it's $369.99 dollar price tag. There are plenty of cheaper casting reels but the Pluton handles big baits on both mono and superlines especially well. This compact reel is a powerhouse and comes loaded with eight corrosion resistant bearings and one roller bearing for a smooth and refined feel. The cast controls are cleverly position on the outside of the reel via a rotating ring on the edge of the aluminum sideplate. 


...and the heart of this rig is the multi-talented Daiwa Pluton


The Pluton makes our list because it is so much more than just a freshwater swimbait reel. The reel's one piece aluminum frame is designed to take plenty of torque, and when loaded with braid offers enough capacity to be used as a serious saltwater reel for jigging up rockfish or tossing iron at smaller Tuna species. Available in 5.1:1 gear ratio for power, and 6.2:1 for speed, the Pluton is an exceptional reel for tossing big baits in both fresh and saltwater. The Pluton is available now at Tackle Warehouse.   


St. Croix's Mojo Bass rods represent a phenomenal value for a quality application specific rod made right here in the U.S.A.


Swimbait Rod: (St. Croix Mojo Bass) A quality American made rod for only $89 to $119.00? Sounds too good to be true, but this is exactly what St. Croix has been able to do with their Mojo Bass series. There is a complete lineup of Mojo bass rods, all of which are technique specific. These rods make use of mid-modulus graphite fiber and are equipped with Fuji ECS reel seats and Batson Forecast hard aluminum-oxide guides with double-plated black chrome frames. The MBC79HF Swimbait rod is the big stick in the Mojo bass lineup and is designed for slinging 1-4oz. big baits with ease. The Mojo Bass swimbait rod may retail for only $119.00 but it fishes like a rod with a much higher price point. Whether you are just getting into swimbaits or looking for a quality "Made in the USA" stick the St. Croix Mojo Bass rod delivers. Check out the Mojo bass lineup at MonsterTackle.com.     


Ms. Shayla with a pack of Roboworm EZ Shad swimbaits


Swimbait: (Roboworm EZ Shad) Bass anglers have long relied on Roboworm for finesse worm fishing, and when it comes to twitching drop shot rigs there is no more popular plastic. So when the company decided to introduce a swimbait the angling community stood up and paid attention. The Roboworm EZ Shad is a new 5" swimbait that is made out of a firm plastic that resists tearing, even in the mouth's of big fish. It is rigged with a weighted hook like a traditional paddletail and dual back fins help prevent the EZ Shad from rolling over when retrieved. Easy to rig, cast, and fish, the Roboworm brings the company's unique plastic designs to the weedless swimbait arena. The EZ Shad is sold in packs of three for $6.99 and is available now at MonsterTackle.com.



Terminal Tackle - Swimbait Hooks: (Gamakatsu Weighted EWG) Speaking of swimbait hooks, Gamakatsu's new Weighted Monster EWG hooks are designed specifically for bigger paddletail swimbaits and jerkbaits. The extra wide gap Gamakatsu hook is fitted with a lead keel shaped weight that helps stabilize paddletials during retrieves. The monster hook is extra heavy-duty and designed to handle the biggest fish. Each pack comes with three hooks and retails for $3.99. The Gamakatsu Weighted Monster EWG hooks are available now at Tackle Warehouse



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