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Lure Review

Strike King's Rage Toad brings the Fury

Date: 9/11/10
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Strike King
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.25 - GREAT


Introduction: Strike King lures are endorsed by some of the biggest names on tour including KVD and the company has enjoyed a lot of success both with their hardbaits and soft plastics which includes their Rage Tail line of lures. The Rage Toad makes use of the company’s cleverly designed tail to generate some serious turbulence behind this topwater bait to incite bass to strike.

Strike King Rage Toad Specifications

Type Soft Bodied Frog (Toad)
Depth Topwater (primary), sinking bait (secondary)
Weight Variable depending on rigging
Size 4"
Colors/Patterns 8+
MSRP $4.99 (pack of 5)

Strike King's Rage Toad comes five per pack, each toad rests in a plastic formed tray ensuring they maintain proper shape up to the minute you fish them

Impressions: I relish testing topwater lures, the aggressive strikes are well worth the lull periods.  Frog fishing has grown on me in recent years and one really can’t fully enjoy lure fishing on the California Delta until they have fished a few hollow bodied frogs over the weed mats. That being said most anglers started topwater frog fishing not with hollow bodied frogs but with soft bodied versions, which are also nicknamed “toads.”

The Rage Toad's head is more detailed than other soft bodied frogs and features bulging eyes

Some of the more popular toads include the venerable Zoom horny Toad, the Sizmic toad and the Reaction Innovations Trixie Shark, just to name a few.  All of these toads share a frog profile with a pair of legs with some sort of padded “foot” on each leg that catches the water when retrieved generating both surface disturbance and noise. Some anglers refer to this style of lure as a “plastic buzzbait.”

The back feet look like Pac-Man mouths

Each of Strike King’s Rage Tail series of lures features an exclusive tail design that is engineered to deliver some sort of distinct action whether the bait is a topwater or subsurface lure. The use of certain plastic materials is designed to impart very specific action depending on the application. In the case of the Rage Toad that plastic is designed to be very durable so that the legs can not only continually slap the surface without taking damage but survive brutal strikes as well.

The underbelly of the Rage Toad

Unlike many other soft bodied frogs the rage Toad doesn’t have paddle-like feet, instead it features what looks like flat “Pac-Man” shaped feet that come attached to the legs of the lure. Before fishing the baits on the surface angler need to break the small connection allowing the foot to move freely. Each pack of Rage Toads ships in a plastic re-sealable package, but unlike other soft bodied frogs Strike King ships the frogs in a plastic mold so that each frog (legs and all) are separated and held in position so that they stay in perfect form up to the moment they are ready to be deployed.

There is a recessed area for the hook point on the back of the lure

Real World Tests:  To test the Rage Toad I fished the both at Clear Lake and the California Delta both when the vegetation growth was thick and when the water was relatively clear during the cooler months. While I primarily fished the Rage Toad as a topwater bait I also used it as a pitching bait as well as a trailer. I fished it both with mono and braided lines using everything from jig to frog rods. 

Rigged weightless the Rage Toad is ready to go

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