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Rod Review

The Search For One with the Legends… St Croix’s Legend Elite and Xtreme

Date: 10/16/2010
Tackle type: Rods
Manufacturer: St Croix Rods
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 8.75 - GREAT

Introduction: We probably should have used the St Croix Legend Elite as our baseline rod for The Search For One as the Legend, like the Loomis GLX2000 based on the MBR783C GLX blank, has been one of the most popular casting rods since being introduced decades ago. For The Search For One I’ll take a closer look at the traditional 2010 Legend Elite and the next-gen 2010 Legend Xtreme casting rods in the most popular 7 feet medium heavy, fast model.


The Legend Elite in a darker green pearl finish


St Croix Legend Elite Casting Rod (LEC70MHF) Specifications

Material SCV and SCVI Graphite
Length 7 ft
Line Weight 12 - 20 lbs
Lure Weight 3/8 - 1 oz
Power Medium Heavy
Action Fast
Weight 4.4 oz (4.5 oz Measured)
MSRP $340.00


The Legend Xtreme in a stunning blue/green "flip" finish


St Croix Legend Xtreme Casting Rod (XC70MHF) Specifications

Material SCV and SCVI Graphite
Length 7 ft
Line Weight 12 - 20 lbs
Lure Weight 3/8 - 1 oz
Power Medium Heavy
Action Fast
Weight 4.2 oz (4.2 oz Measured)
MSRP $380.00


SiC Guides with Titanium coated frames


Impressions: The Legend came back to its origins after a year or two with a color scheme change that many traditional St. Croix fans were not accustomed to. Reverting back to a green pearl finish on the Legend and blue/green "flip" on the Xtreme, both received accolades from many including myself. The colors are much more traditional but still have the right amount of "oomph" for young guns.


Fuji ACS reel seats are used on both Elite and Xtreme


Hook keeper on the Legend Elite


St. Croix is offering these rods with the identical blank with the difference being in the components. The Legend Elite has more traditional components such as SiC guides with Titanium coated frames and a full grip. The Xtreme, as the name suggests, is more on the other side of the spectrum with recoil guides and a split grip, providing a more lightweight rod than the Elite. Both of the rods use the latest Fuji ACS reel seats on the casting models.


Recoil guides are used on the Legend Xtreme


Exposed blank on the ACS reel seat

Lab Results
: In our test lab we RoD WRACKed both blanks and of course they are near identical as the blanks are the same, producing a RoD value of 1.52 and 1.48. The slight deflection difference near the lower end could be due to the components and the way the rod was wrapped.



Comparing the St. Croix rods to our Loomis baseline (RoD value of 1.72) we see St. Croix’s interpretation of “medium heavy” is slightly more powerful than G.Loomis’. In my own opinion, I feel St. Croix’s product is typically “stiffer” than blanks from other manufacturers. This characteristic I like because I feel it results in a more sensitive rod.



Field Test Results









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