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Lure Review


Built for 20+ Foot Depths : Spro's Little John Super DD Crankbait


Date: 2/22/22
Tackle Type: Lure
Manufacturer: Spro
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.67 - GOOD

Spro's family of Little John crankbaits is quite extensive. For years, they've offered baits to cover almost every part of the water column from three to twenty feet in depth. Ideal for those cooler months, Spro introduced a deep diving crankbait from Pro Angler John Crew's Little John family that is designed to reach depths in excess of twenty feet. Meet the Little John Super DD.


Spro Little John Super DD Specifications

Type Deep Diver
Length 3.5 inches
Weight 1.5 oz
Depth 20 - 25ft
Material Plastic
Colors 7
Hooks Gamakatsu
MSRP $11.99


Pro Angler
John Crews, Elite Series champion of the St. Johns River tournament, introduces us to his Little John Super DD crank


Impressions: Spro's Little John Super DD crank is a flat sided crank engineered as a deep diver. It features a body that's three and a half inches (3.5") long and a diving bill that's another two inches (2") long for a total of six inches (6") in full bait length. Detailing is somewhat simple with the only notable feature being the tell-tale Spro evil eye. Otherwise, the bait has very subtle indentations at the gills, then nothing. The rest of the bait's details is simply in the paint job.

Taking into account the bill and body, this lure measures a cool six inches

Real World Tests: I've had this bait since the middle of 2017, but have been delayed in writing it up because we haven't been on very many deep cranking bites since that time. I've fished it primarily on two rigs, my Evergreen RDSC-73HG Jack Hammer paired with my Daiwa Tatula SV TWS casting reel spooled with10lb Sunline Super Natural nylon monofilament, and my St. Croix Legend Glass LGC88HM paired with my Shimano Bantam MGL spooled withSunline JDM Stuter braid.

Unlike most deep diving cranks, this bait has flat sides

Castability: The Little John Super DD crank has an internal weight transfer system consisting of a tungsten ball coated with a noise dampening finish (likely rubber). You can hear and feel it as you shake the bait around in your hand. This tungsten ball shifts to the back of the bait, in the direction of your cast upon launch and helps the bait sail through the air straight and true. The weight transfer system is a great help with this bait that might otherwise have a tendency to sail and get caught in wind currents due to its flat sides.

Instead of a rounded bill, the front edge of the Little John Super DD's bill is flat helping it deflect off obstacles

Dive Time: It's a little difficult to say how quickly the bait gets down, but on super long casts, it does eventually get down there to roughly twenty feet. I'm not positive it ticks the bottom deeper than twenty but this has always been a difficult point of assessment for me with deep diving cranks. The feel just isn't as good when a bait is down so deep and finding those spots of constant depth rather than a sloping bottom has never been my strong point. The important thing here is whether or not the Little John Super DD really gets down to twenty plus feet, it certainly gets close enough.

Stock hooks are by Gamakatsu

Speaking of which the Little John Super DD does not have a very pronounced wobble nor does it pull very hard as you're cranking it through the water. It feels very much like a finesse diver when compared to the likes of a Strike King 10XD or Lucky Craft SKT Magnum but that means it won't wear you out fishing it all day either.

I managed this fish while testing St. Croix's Legend Glass 8'8" cranking stick

The bait's diving bill also has a large, flat edge at the front but rounded corners at the edge making it a kind of hybrid deep diving square bill. I Threw it up in some shallower water just to see how it bounced through the muck and it actually did quite well. Another plus is when a fish hits the bait, the stock Gamakatsu hooks are a bonus and help you hold onto your catch very well.

Three of the more recent color introductions

Design/Ergonomics: The Little John Super DD has a limited color pallet and is only available in seven colors for now at least. As mentioned earlier, the bait's hooks are from Gamakatsu and that internal ball while coated in some type of rubber, must make a sound to help attract a fish's attention as you're working it along the bottom.

Detailing in the mold is limited to these indentations for the gills and of course the tell tale Spro eyes

Price & Application: At $11.99, Spro has priced the Little John Super DD right in the middle of today's deep diving crank market but there aren't every many baits rated to over twenty feet in running depth. I'm sure with lighter line and more effective casts, this bait will get down with the best of them.

Spro's Little John Super DD is labeled on the belly

The price for all things tackle has been in flux over the last year as manufacturing and logistics have caused supply issues for many products. Even crankbaits like this are not immune and we have seen the price of this bait range anywhere between $11.99 to $13.99.


Spro Little John Super DD Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Quality little bait if not simple in detailing. SPRO delivers the same quality we expect in a larger form factor 8
Performance Casts very well and is able to bounce off obstacles efficiently too 8
Price Mid-tier pricing on a quality bait. Though MSRP is $11.99 we have seen this bait retailing up to $13.49 due to demand and supply 7.5
Features Internal weight transfer system to aid with casting, Gamakatsu hooks 8
Design (Ergonomics) Limited colors 7
Application When you need to break 20... 7.5

Total Score

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
For More Details of the updated rating system visit our explanation here


Pluses and Minuses:


+ Easy bait to cast - Limited Color Palette for now (more colors are on their way)
+ Dives efficiently  
+ Doesn't wear you out cranking down deep  
+ Does a good job deflecting off obstacles  

If you're looking for bait to dredge the bottom of your favorite fishing hole, Spro's Little John Super DD is one to consider

Conclusion: Deep diving cranks take a lot of dedication to throw. Super long casts are necessary, and a lot of patience is needed to work your bait slowly and methodically until it's in the strike zone. Then you need to concentrate really hard to sense those hits that are most of the time, dulled by all that depth and fishing line you have out. I admit, I get frustrated cranking down deep because I can't always feel what's going on. I did manage some luck with this bait, however, so there's no doubt it works. It's always helpful when the bait and gear you're using is better than you. If you're looking for bait to dredge the bottom of your favorite fishing hole, Spro's Little John Super DD is one to consider.


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