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Apparel Review

Going Rogue, Simms Hoody Style (continued)

Real World Tests: To test the Simms Rogue Hoody I donned the garment for all my usual bass and trout fishing trips, but due to the garment’s more all-purpose design I decided to test it in a greater spectrum of outdoor activities ranging from off-roading on the beach to hiking in the high desert. This is one garment that got to see plenty of miles over the course of our yearlong field test.

The garment uses large high quality zippers

Going Rogue: The first time I used the Simms Rogue Hoody was on a series of trips to Clear Lake in the middle of last winter. The temps were below freezing in the morning and during these periods before the sun came up I found that while the Hoody kept me warm enough to keep fishing it didn’t necessarily keep me comfortable on these icy days.

Very quickly I found the hoody provided both comfort and mobility

While the fleece lining provides some insulation and the outer shell provided decent wind protection strong gusts still robbed heat. It is in these extreme cold and windy conditions that I found an extra layer like the Simms Pro Dry Jacket completed the armor from elements like wind and rain, and for additional warmth it was important to layer up with a fleece underneath.

Ribbed cuffs and waist help keep the garment in place when making quick motions like casting

The Rogue Hoody is long in length helping provide protection all the way below your hip, which I found very nice when casting. Unlike many other shorter hoodies the Rogue does not ride up when making casting motions. This longer design will also not get in the way when tucking the garment down into a bib or waders, in fact the longer style keeps the garment from bunching up uncomfortably in these types of garments. While casting the sleeves also stay perfectly in place and will not slide down your arms thanks to the ribbed cuffs.

The Rogue works great with waders

The actual hood is also well designed and can be worn by itself or pulled over a hat or visor then strapped down with the drawcord. On foggy mornings, or when the wind is just a little too much, the hoody provides a comfortable shield for your head. I found the hood especially good on the beach when the wind was so chilly that my ears were hurting, a few minutes with the hood drawn was enough to immediately alleviate the biting cold.

Cold windy day? No problem just draw the hood

The Rogue Hoody is so comfortable that it is also a great choice for hiking or backpacking when you need both warmth and mobility. You can travel light with just a few backcountry lures stowed in the zippered chest pocket, which is also fly capable, or stow a phone/iPod and make used of the “cordport.”

A cordport in the chest pocket accommodates headphones nicely


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