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Lure Review


Shimano Cranks Up the BOOST with Their New World Minnow and Diver Jerkbaits


Date: 2/27/22
Tackle type: Lure
Manufacturer: Shimano
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.66 - INNOVATION AWARD

Introduction: Shimano is making a big push into freshwater baits this year and leading the charge are the World Series hardbaits. The first lures launched in this new lineup were two jerkbaits released last ICAST, named the World Minnow and World Diver. Featuring a familiar profile what makes these baits unique is the “BOOST” technology infused into the bait that is designed to increase both casting distance and visual appeal in the water, enabling anglers to target bass with a unique presentation that actively shimmers even when suspended.


Shimano World Minnow (and World Diver) Specifications

Type Jerkbait (Deep Diving Jerkbait)
Length 4 1/2 inches ( 3 7/8 inches)
Weight 5/8oz.
Material Plastic
Depth 4-6 feet (6-8 feet)
Class Suspending
Patterns 10
MSRP $19.99

Elite Series Pro Angler David Mullins shows us the World Diver FLASHBOOST Jerkbait

Impressions: Shimano may be best known for their reels and rods, but the company has been continually adding to their lure lineup, and this season the tackle giant is aggressively growing their bass offering here in the U.S. with both the World and Macbeth hardbaits. The Macbeth Series of lures has a long history in Japan and are more traditionally styled crankbaits while the World Series features a few new and patented technologies.

Shimano is making a big push into freshwater hardbaits and in addition to new World Series lures is bringing the Macbeth line of crankbaits to the U.S. this season as well

The first two World Series lures, the World Minnow and World Diver, launched last ICAST 2021. The World Minnow 115SP is a suspending jerkbait while the World Diver 99SP is a deeper diving jerkbait that also suspends when paused. Both lures come with three core technologies that make them stand out from the competition. These are FLASHBOOST, JETBOOST and SCALEBOOST. Yes, these are fancy marketing names but the first step to understanding these baits is exploring each of these features further.

The World Minnow, and World Diver, feature three core technologies. The first is FLASHBOOST, a spring suspended foil in the front section of the baits

FLASHBOOST: The FLASHBOOST is a patented technology that is designed to mimic the movements and flashing behavior of an injured baitfish. This system consists of a finely polished reflective foil that is suspended on micro springs within the body of the lure to deliver a bass attracting flash that continues to pulse aggressively even during the pause.

The Salangidae pattern is the most translucent and provides a good look at the spring loaded JETBOOST apparatus

JETBOOST: Many higher end jerkbaits feature a shifting weight to the rear of the lure to help increase casting distance. JETBOOST is Shimano’s proprietary system and is designed to capitalize on the force of each cast by sliding an internal weight during the backcast that springs forward as the lure is in the air. When the bait lands in the water the weight rebalances itself and serves a dual purpose as a balancer to help generate the right movement and suspending action during retrieves. 

SCALEBOOST adds holographic scales which add even more flash to the bait as it moves through the water

SCALEBOOST: Sometimes it comes down to the little things and to better mimic baitfish scales Shimano has designed composite-pitch hologram that increases the amount and complexity of light that is reflected off the lure as it moves through the water. This design is not a paint finish but rather a hologram applied directly to the injected body, and this combined with the FLASHBOOST gives the lure a constantly shimmering appearance when both moving and at rest.

Preparing to go fish the World Minnow and Diver with Elite Series Pro Anglers Josh Douglas and Jeff "Gussy" Gustafson

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