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Rod Review

Shimano's Tescata rods work Lucanus Jigs with finesse

Date: 8/27/08
Tackle type: Rod
Manufacturer: Shimano
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.00 - Great

Introduction: Shimano has jigging on their mind yet again with the release of the new Tescata rods which are designed specifically for one application, fishing the company’s own Lucanus jigs. The new rods have been created with very specific tapers and powers to accommodate the complete range of Lucanus jig weights.

Shimano Tescata TSC80L Specifications

Material TC4 Graphite
Pieces 1
Length 8'0"
Grip EVA
Foregrip length 1.5"
Reargrip length 14.0"
Line Weight 12-30lb
Lure Weight 80-100g
Guides 10 plus the tip
Rating Light
Action Extra Fast
MSRP $199.99

Impressions: Shimano made waves with the introduction of the Butterfly jigging system at which time they also introduced a rod designed around the adapted technique. The Trevala jigging rods were well received by not only fishermen interested in fishing Butterfly Jigs, but also anglers dipping traditional iron.

The Tescata was designed specifically for fishing Lucanus jigs

The new Tescata rods take application specific fishing one step further as they really are designed specifically for one bait and one technique….fishing Shimano’s new Lucanus jigs. Already an award winning rod the Tescata took home top honors in the saltwater rod category at the recent 2008 ICAST show.

The Tescata rod features a extremely light tip

Before going into detail about the Tescata let’s brush up on the Lucanus jigs they are designed to fish. The Lucanus jigs resemble the insects they are named after, and the beetle profile is quite unlike the normal diamond or bar used to target rockfish. The jigs were designed after Japanese “Snapper Rubber Jigs” which commercial fishermen were using to target fish in heavily pressured areas. Shimano researched the technique and developed the U.S. version of the jig and modified the technique for the regional preferences and thus the Lucanus system was born. The Lucanus jigs are worthy of discussion in themselves but for this review we will focus on the rod designed to fish them.

We loaded up on Lucanus jigs for our tests

Turning our attention to the Tescata rods we found the new rod series once again makes use of Shimano’s proven TC4 blank material to be extremely light in weight for an eight foot rod. The TC4 graphite has a unique finish that looks matte and solid in appearance under low light conditions and only reveals its true nature under bright light where the interwoven fibers become visible.

The Lucanus jigs are quite unlike the traditional iron we are used to tossing for rockfish

The most identifiable element on the Tescata is the distinct hook hanger which is positioned below the Fuji seat. The custom dual anodized hook hanger is incorporated right into the grip and is designed specifically for holding the small dual Owner hooks found on the Lucanus jigs. Anglers will recognize the anodized pattern as the same one used on the drilled crossbar of the Calcutta TE DC series, as well as the new Calcutta TE 400 LJV reel designed specifically for this system.  

We didn't have a Calcutta Lucanus Jig reel so we turned to our trusty 300 TE

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