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Reel Review


Shimano’s Sleek Curado 70 Baitcaster - Smaller, Faster, and Better


Date: 10/13/16
Tackle type: Reel
Manufacturer: Shimano
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.23 - EDITOR'S CHOICE

Introduction: For over two decades the Curado has been the baitcaster series that has defined Shimano’s baitcaster lineup. There may be more refined and more expensive low profile Shimano reels, and many more affordably priced options within the company’s lineup, but there are none that have found their way into the hands of so many anglers. Though very popular the transition of one Curado iteration to the next has not always been a seamless one, and yet the latest Curado 200I Series are among the best yet when it comes to performance. This season Shimano introduced their latest addition to the family, the new more compact Curado 70 Series, which are designed for pitching, flipping, and finesse fishing with lighter lures.


Shimano Curado 70HG and 70XG Baitcaster Specifications

Construction Aluminum frame
Line Capacity - Rated 10/105, 12/85
Retrieve Ratio 7.2:1 (HG), 8.2:1 (XG)
Inches Per Turn (IPT) 28" (HG), 32" (XG)
Weight 6.5 oz
Bearings 3 S A-RB + 2BB + 1RB
Drag Type Carbon and Steel Multi-Washer
Origin Made in Malaysia
MSRP $199.99

Shimano's latest Curado is the more compact 70

Quality/Construction: There was a time when mainstream reels were exactly that “mainstream” when it came to features and styling that were always somewhat safe and middling. These reels were built above all to be functional, not necessarily refined, but rather constructed for the rigors of fishing day in and out.

Compared to the Curado 200I Series the Curado 70 (right) is smaller from just about every angle

These are the first reels that anglers stepped up to when they considered themselves serious about the sport, and most likely the reels that could be found on the outfits of most professional anglers, who required reels that were reliable yet affordable. To this end the Curado Series was ideal, blending together the performance and reliability that anglers had grown to expect, all at an acceptable price point that made them attainable to the masses.

Time to see what the Curado 70 can do on the water

This latest iteration is clearly within the same vein as the Curado I Series but so much more than just a miniaturized version, but rather a completely different reel when it comes to design and form factor. In terms of construction the Curado 70 feels quite solid thanks to the use of aluminum in the frame. A construction that Shimano calls their Hagane Body, which essentially translates to a reel with greater stiffness to eliminate body flexing and overall better transfer of power. The bottom line is that the new Curado 70 reels feel solid even though they are quite compact, and the build quality is exactly what you would expect at the near two hundred dollar price point.

The Curado 70 is a full ounce lighter than the 200I and balances out well with many split grip rods

Quality Ratings for Shimano Curado 70 Reel


Construction Tolerances

Handle Tolerance(1-5)

Knob Tolerance(1-5)



Rating(=Tot/Pos * 10)








The new reel features a similar color scheme than the Curado 200I but looks sleeker with the single color motif

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