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Reel Review

Fish harder and faster with the souped up Shimano Curado 200DHSV

Date: 6/12/06
Tackle type: Reels
Manufacturer: Shimano
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 9.08 + EDITORS CHOICE!

Introduction: Two months ago we completed testing of the redefined Curado 100D, and found the revamped reel to be more than worthy of the Curado namesake. So good was the 100D that our interest was peaked regarding the larger 200 versions. The Curado family has grown threefold, and the larger 200 series reel come in both DPV (5.0:1) power ratio and DHSV (7.0:1) speed ratio flavors. We examine the ultra fast 200DHSV to see how it compares to both the previous generation 200, as well as the recently reviewed 100D.


Shimano Curado 200DHSV (CU-200DHSV) Specifications

Line Capacity (lb/yds) 8/180, 10/155, 14/110
Gear Ratio 7.0:1
IPT 30 in.
Weight 9.8 oz.
Bearings 5+1RB
Additional Features Magnumlite spool, Super Free, HEG, VBS, Super Stopper, 1/4 Turn Easy Access Sideplate, Seption PV power grips, Dartainium drag, clicking drag
Origin Made in Japan
MSRP $199.99


Impressions: When the editorial staff first looked at the new Curado series over a year ago we just were not sure what to expect. Sure the new reel looked slick, but was it worth the increase in price over the previous generation Curado? Well the answer was yes, and now as we moved into testing of the 200 series reels we know exactly what to look for, and our expectations have been elevated.


Introducing the bigger, faster, and more rugged Shimano Curado 200DHSV


There are two versions of the new 200 series Curado's. The DPV focuses on delivering power, and can even be used in certain inshore conditions. The HSV concentrates on high speed applications. We decided to hone in on the Curado's abilities to take on largemouth and striped bass, so the HSV's blazing fast retrieve was the more attractive choice for our tests. The 7.0:1 retrieve ratio brings this reel right into "burner" class, making it equal in speed to some of the fastest reels already available on the market. Reel's like the Curado DHSV and the Quantum Burner are all about delivering a proper balance of speed, refinement, and power. 


Made in Japan, the 200DHSV has a more refined design inside and out

The 200DHSV makes use of many of the same materials we first saw in the 100D, but actually steps it up a notch higher with an aluminum sideplate construction on the handle side (the 100D uses graphite on both sides). The engineers at Shimano did a great job improving the ergonomics when it comes to ease of access via the same quarter turn access switch we first saw in the remade Citica. Other things have been done to improve the strength and durability of this reel over previous generation Curado's including harder more oversized gearing and a more refined aluminum frame.


The Curado 200D is very well constructed using top grade material


Complete Rig for Shimano Curado 200DHSV Tests


GLoomis Mag Bass GLX (MRB843C)


Shimano Curado 200DHSV

Lines 12 lb. Sufix ProMix


On the water field testing with the Shimano Curado 200DHSV and AiRRUS Ultra XL combo

Field Tests:
We just finished reviewing the Curado 100D not long ago but because the 200D is a completely different beast in design and application it was deemed worthy of another complete in-depth review. For some the high-speed gear ratio reels might actually seem too fast, but they have become some of my go to reels for more than just topwater applications. For our tests we put the newfound quickness of the Curado DHSV to the test against an assortment of black, spotted, and striped bass in Northern and Central Californian reservoirs.


Centrifugal brakes are adjusted internally, but access is made quick and easy with the 1/4 turn VBS access switch


Casting: Paired with seven foot rods and spooled with 12 pound Sufix ProMix line we were ready to hit the water for some field testing and side to side comparison with the former Curado 200. We found that you can toss weightless plastics with the Curado 200D such as six inch or larger Senkos, but if I were to toss weightless plastics, the 100D size would be the better choice. With weighted plastics, I found the Curado 200D excelled. Pitching a weighted Senko easily reached 30 plus feet with little effort. In comparison to the previous generation reel the new Curado feels smoother and more refined, making it easier to lob lighter plastics with little to no effort. 


A closer look at the Variable Brake System


Next we proceeded to cast lures such as jerkbaits, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, and a few others side by side with the old Curado. Just after a few casts it became obvious that the fresh bearings combined with the faster starting Magnumlite spool did indeed have a very positive effect on casting.


The wide opening provides easy access to the spool and great for controlling your casts


Another new improvement here that we don't see on the old 200 or new 100D is the 1/4 Turn Easy Access Sideplate when you open side to access the VBS centrifugal brake weights. We all agree here that this new quick-off feature is a big plus on the new Curado 200D. Anglers can now open up the reel in a second to adjust the brakes, and while the sideplate is unlocked it remains intact to the frame and now my free hand can be fully used to adjust the brakes. In the casting category Shimano managed to improve both overall feel and distance with a combination of new materials, and simply better design implementation.


Accessing the internal brake system takes only a 1/4 turn


Retrieve and Power: This is where most anglers will notice the biggest difference in between Curado generations. The 200D HSV is a super fast reel sporting a gear ratio of 7.0:1, and at the same time to support this high speed Shimano implemented the HEG system to delivery the power when needed. Here's what Jeremy Sweet of Shimano had to say about the retrieve and power of the Curado 200D HSV. “The one feature that anglers have asked us for year to include in the Curado series was a gear ratio faster than 6.2:1 that can retrieve more than 25 inches of line per crank,” said Jeremy Sweet with Shimano’s product development staff. “Without HEG, a faster gear ratio reel would lack power. The HEG system, oversized drive and pinion gears, and aluminum setplate and sideplate enables us to provide a blistering fast 7.0:1 gear ratio on the CU200DHSV to pull more than 30-inches of line per crank - and still with the power to fight big fish in heavy cover.”


On the left is the new oversized HEG. On the right is the gear from the old Curado 200



Next Section: More on the powerful retrieve  









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