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Lure Review

The Secret is out – Secret Weapon Lures revolutionizes Spinnerbaits

Date: 3/06/06
Tackle type: Lure
Manufacturer: Secret Weapon Lures
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 9.0 + INNOVATION AWARD!

There is no doubt that spinnerbaits are among the most versatile lures ever invented. These effective baits can be fished fast or slow, both in clear and murky water, and in a variety of depths. While many manufacturers over the last five decades have introduced new sizes, shapes, and patterns, little has been done to really change the original spinnerbait design. That is until now. Secret Weapon Lures offers anglers a patented new solution that allows anglers to really get creative when it comes to spinnerbait customization.

Secret Weapon Spinnerbait Specifications

Colors/Patterns 23 available all customizable
Blade Shapes Colorado, Willow, Indiana, Turtleback
Blade Colors Gold, Nickel
Weight Tested 3/8oz.
Skirt Silicon skirts
Swivels None
Hook Mustad Ultra Point
Special Features Unique customizable design allows for customization of head, skirts, and blades
MSRP $7.99 (lure), $10.99 (mini kit), $99.99 (Pro Pack)

There are a lot of products that I enjoy testing, but honestly up till now spinnerbaits have not been one of them. Sure there are different styles, finishes, and skirts, but for the most part most manufacturers mainly offer mainly cosmetic than functional differences. When I first learned more about SWL (Secret Weapon Lures) my interest was peaked. SWL spinners are not just another spinnerbait branded as “revolutionary” simply because of the implementation of a new head design or atypical wire alloy. The SWL offering is much more than that, it’s a complete solution, one that is designed to give anglers unprecedented freedom when it comes to not just choosing but actually tailoring the right pattern for each and every situation.


How many times have you looked through your assortment of spinnerbaits and wished that you could swap the blades from one lure with the skirt or head of another? This is a common occurrence for me when fishing different bodies of water.


The Secret Weapon spinnerbait may not look like a revolutionary bait from this angle, but keep looking and you will find this spinner is quite unlike ay other


Real World Tests: We decided to test the customization abilities of the Secret Weapon Spinnerbaits by fishing diverse bodies of water at very different times. By fishing both in reservoirs and in the Delta we were able to test both the effectiveness of the lures, as well as the bait’s ability to be adapted to be more effective in different environments.


A Secret Weapon Mini-Kit


The Secret Weapon Spinners feature a swivel-less design and interchangeable blades


A close-up of the blade attachment


The blades are attached in-line with the main wire


Each spinner comes armed with a Mustad Ultra-Point Hook


Want more flexibility? Secret Weapon offers a Pro-Pack which really allows anglers to get creative


Inside anglers will find an assortment of heads, skirts, and blades


Find yourself in a unique situation? Build a custom blade for the job in minutes. We found customizing blades on the water quick and easy


Design: I’ll just come out and say it…SWL spinnerbaits are not your run of the mill spinners. First and foremost these lures feature an innovative blade and skirt swap system that allows anglers to mix and match components any way they see fit. These interchangeable blade attachments can be configured in seconds without the aid of any tools. The actual blades are uniquely designed to be free floating so they start spinning easier than frame mounted blades on traditional spinnerbaits, and we found that they also continue to rotate at lower speeds better than many conventional lures. Inline with the premium design, the blades feature 24K Gold and Nickel coating in an effort to achieve superior reflection and durability.  The heads are very realistic and feature a long-lasting powder coated finish and 3D eyes, and to top it all off the silicon skirts are weighted and patterned to match up seamlessly. 


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