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Lure Review

The “Prologue” to this Worm’s Story Starts with Choices


Date: 9/23/12
Tackle type: Lure
Manufacturer: Roman Made
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.00 - GREAT

Introduction: Roman Made is not just about swimbaits alone and the company’s aggressive looking Prologue worms are designed with a similar attention to detail and share the same goal, to catch big fish. Once only available in Japan these baits are now coming to the U.S. and offer anglers a new weapon to toss when targeting lunkers that desire something substantial, yet subtle.


Roman Made Prologue Worm Specifications

Type Plastic worm
Material Plastic
Depth 0 ft weighted, floating class
Size 5.5", 8", 14"
Colors/Patterns 3 (Cola, Green Pumpkin, Watermelon)
MSRP $9.99 (5.5" size)


Plastics from Roman Made?


Impressions: Thanks to increased distribution Roman Made is starting to make a name for itself in the U.S. market, and while these baits are already the stuff of legend in Japan the arrival of the hard bodied swimbaits has been met with praise from big bass hunters. Anglers are finding the company’s wooden swimbaits to be among the most consistent swimmers, capable of enticing lunker bass to strike when they are aggressive. But what about those times when the fish prefer more subtle prey? Roman Made also offers a single line of plastics called the Prologue worms. These stickbaits feature a distinctive profile, which from certain angles looks more like a weapon than it does a traditional worm.


The Roman Made Prologue is available in a range of sizes


With heads on both ends that resemble a bullet or the tip of a spear the Prologue is designed to vibrate in the current enticingly or come to life with even the slightest twitch of the rod tip. The Prologue is available in three sizes, a 5.5”, 8”, and an absolutely massive 14” version that definitely qualifies as a “big bait.” The lure comes in three colors Smoke, Scuppernong, and Watermelon and all three patterns are actually quite similar and range from green to brown in coloration. 


The lure is buoyant so when weighted down the tail floats upwards


Real World Tests: Fishing plastic baits is just about the easiest type of testing that we do. Unlike many products where we have to log a certain amount of hours to test for durability it doesn’t take too long to formulate an opinion of just how effective these baits are in a wide range of situations. One thing we really like to do is to fish the plastics side by side with other proven lures to compare effectiveness in similar situations as well as make sure to toss the lures across a wide range of temperatures to see just how they perform in both warmer and cooler applications. To test the Prologue worms we purchased a number of these baits directly from Tackle Warehouse and also procured the larger baits through the company’s U.S. representative. We targeted largemouth bass with these baits at the California Delta, Clear Lake, and Lake El Salto in Mexico.


Without weight the lure can even be used as a twitchbait as it floats to the surface


Casting:  Though new to domestic anglers this lure has been used in Japan for years and was initially developed to target big bass at famed Lake Biwa. Designed to be both easy and effective to fish the Prologue is among the easier plastics to cast. The lure is relatively substantial in weight and even the smaller sizes can be cast weightless when reels that are properly dialed in. Anglers that want more casting distance can use a small tungsten weight and fish Texas or Carolina, but need to make sure not to overburden this lure as they do not want to inhibit the action once the bait hits the bottom.


The largest 14" size is more like a snake than a worm


Retrieving: Versatility really is the name of the game with the Prologue. When you first look at this somewhat oddly shaped worm it seems like this would be a difficult work to properly rig, yet this is far from reality as this bait can be effectively fished so many different ways. I preferred to rig the worm through the bullet shaped head when fishing Texas or Carolina and also found this a great bait for wacky and Neko rigging.


The Prologue gets introduced to El Salto, Mexico


Interestingly the company also recommends fishing the Prologue with a small jighead and I can understand the presentation but found that unless I was using a very small jighead I would often snag up if fishing too close to structure. In certain conditions I can definitely see this technique working but still prefer some of the other methods which allow me to get right alongside or into the snaggy fish holding structure.


The bait resembles a centipede


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