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Lure Review

Hand Pour Quality + Precision Controlled Production Facilities = Roboworm

Date: 5/15/08
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Roboworm
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.5 -


Introduction: Plastic worms are one of the most basic and timeless baits at every bass anglers' disposal. Anyone paying attention to the Elite Series B.A.S.S. event at Falcon Lake, Texas this year knows just how true this is. Yet, for something so seemingly basic, there are a dizzying array of options out there: curly tails, straight tails, paddle tails, shakey, drop shot, wacky, the list goes on.


Roboworm Zipper and Straight Tail Worm Specifications

Original Zipper
Shakey Zipper
Straight Tail
Type Plastic Worm Plastic Worm Plastic Worm
Size 5" 5" & 6" 4.5", 6", & 7"
Colors/Patterns ~13 different color patterns ~9 different color patterns ~35 different color patterns
Number per Bag 6 7 4.5", 6" = 10
7" = 8
MSRP $3.69 $3.69 ~$3.20


More than a decade ago, here on the West Coast, we were in the midst of a custom hand pour craze. Straight tail worms were everywhere and nowhere at the same time because as soon as a hot new color came out, they were gone off of store shelves. Supply could barely keep up with demand, yet the frenzy was so intense at its peak, patrons were purchasing worms in lots of fifty, one hundred, or even more at one time. Today, a few custom hand pour companies are still around, but the majority of familiar, local name brands are gone. Risen from the ashes of this melee is one company who, for years now, has offered hand pour quality at mass production availability and consistency. That company is Roboworm.


Roboworms are the gold standard in finesse application plastic worms.


Roboworm's One, Two Punch: As with any bait company, Roboworm has a good selection of product from which to choose, but two products in particular, the zipper and straight tail worms, are must have baits for anyone throwing any type of soft plastic presentation. Here's our look at the soft plastic, one, two punch from Roboworm.


The original 5" Zipper (bottom) and the adapted Shakey Zipper (top).

The Zipper Worm: What's old is new again and what is now referred to as the Zipper Worm at one time, almost a decade ago, was known as the ringtail worm. The premise here is a series of ribs down the length of the worm to provide a soft, pliable, feel real texture for a bass when it picks up the worm causing the bass to hold on longer and give the angler a better chance at feeling the fish at the end of the line and setting hook before the bass spits the bait out. While the ringtail worm featured ribs all around the entirety of a round worm, a zipper worm features ribs on either side of an otherwise flat worm resembling a zipper, hence the name. The original zipper worm, developed by Roboworm was a five inch bait with a curly tail. Today, this design has been expanded to their series of flat tail, shakey worms available in five and six inch lengths.

Roboworm's Zipper style worm (top) is an adaptation of the original ringworm shown here in Salt and Pepper (middle) and June Bug (bottom right).


Straight Tail Worm: A straight up clone from the crazy days of hand poured finesse worms, Roboworms straight tail offerings are a constant reminder of the era that gave West Coast fisherman the stigma of being finesse bait anglers. These relatively simple, do-nothing, action-less worms are surprisingly effective especially during the warmer months when fishing pressure and boat traffic are at their peak. This style worm is offered in the original slim body profile as well as a bit beefier profile referred to as the Fat Straight Tail Worm. Both styles are available in four and a half and six inch lengths while the original straight tail is now being offered in seven inches as well.

Another look at the top side of the Shakey Zipper


Rigging: As with any soft plastic worm, versatility is the rule with these two products from Roboworm. While the zipper can be fished in both heavy and light line situations, the straight tail worms are generally fished in finesse applications where light line is the key.


The bottom of this same worm is flat and you can see in this pattern, a color change at the bottom of the worm.

TX Rig: Rigged with an appropriately sized EWG or straight shank flipping hook, the zipper style worms are great for pitching into weed pockets and in and around docks or other visible structure. There's enough bulk to these baits where you can bury the hook point sufficiently to remain weedless, yet the baits are so soft, any kind of swing for a hookset will get the hook point through.

The intricate coloration of the Straight Tail worm is hard to photograph, but this color, in particular is translucent, resembling the natural appearance of many small baitfish.

Shakey: While the paddletail version of the zipper worm is specifically labeled a "shakey" worm, both versions of either style mentioned in this article can be used for shakey head applications. The flotation of these worms is incredible and they stand right up off the bottom when thrown with a jig head of any sort. This is a very effective way to fish these worms.

Check out the buoyancy of this worm rigged on a shakey head.










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