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Lure Review

Creature Fever: This Roboworm is PHAT!


Date: 5/1/13
Tackle type: Lure
Manufacturer: Roboworm
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 9.00 - EXCELLENT

Introduction: There is perhaps no more versatile plastic bait than the good old fashioned worm, and when it comes to popularity the many offerings from Roboworm definitely need to be included in the conversation. The Company manufactures a wide range of robotic poured worms, hence the name, and their baits duplicate the hand pour process but with an automated system. Over the years the company has branched out to create new variations and patterns of old favorites and as techniques have changed so have their offerings. We take a look at a return to an “old school” design with our review of the Roboworm Fat Worm Series.


Roboworm FAT Worm Specifications

Type Plastic
Depth Any
Size 4.5 and 6 inches
Quantity per pack 8
Colors/Patterns 29 colors
MSRP $3.39 (4.5"), $3.49 (6")


Can you guess what makes this bait different than traditional Robo Straight Tail Worms?

Impressions: Roboworm, or Robo as many anglers call them, is based in Southern California and was founded by Harvey and Greg Stump who created a way to automatically pour worms in the same manner as hand pours but with a higher level of quality and consistency. Today even though their portfolio of products has grown they continue to manufacturer these products in their U.S. facility.

That's right, they are FAT

The company has had a long relationship with Pro Angler Aaron Martens who is known for finesse fishing plastics. When we poll tournament Pros that fish on B.A.S.S. and F.L.W. about whether or not they use Roboworm products during competition we get a surprising number of positive responses, and yet the company seems to get only limited amounts of press on the circuit. Could it be that these baits are so engrained in the professional angler’s arsenal that they are considered a given, or are they just a sleeper bait that many want to continue to try and keep on the down-low? In either case Roboworms are well distributed and can be found on many retail store shelves, e-tail buy pages and in the boat lockers of many professional anglers and weekend warriors alike.

The underbelly of the worm is flat and infused with salt

Perhaps fishing a worm isn’t all the glorious, but it is without a doubt effective, and there is no one worm that can do it all. The Roboworm FAT Worm is a new take on an old favorite and features a larger diameter and overall mass than the traditional 6” and 4.5” Straight Tail worms. This is especially noticeable in the tail section where the FAT Worms exhibit a much bulkier tail.

The worm features a thicker diameter all the way to the tail

Like the Straight Tail worms the FAT Worms are a combination of plastic infused with salt to give the worm very specific buoyancy and is also designed to release a “burst of salt with every bite.” Each FAT worm features three distinct layers, so basically three different colors can be found on each worm.

A macro view of the worm showcases the three layer pour

Real World Tests: To test the FAT Worm we had three editors fish the worms over the course of an entire season, often fishing them side by side with other Roboworms including the traditional Straight Tail and flashier FX Series Straight Tail Worms. We fished these worms on a wide range of Northern California bodies of water including Clear Lake, Pardee, the California Delta as well as lakes on the other side of the country in Florida like Toho and Okeechobee.

The FAT Worm is thicker and has more rigidity that Robo's Straight Tail

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