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Lure Review

Cranking for bass with the River2Sea jointed V-Crank

Date: 3/13/06
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: River2Sea USA
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 8.25

No two crankbaits made today are alike. Each possess their own unique shape, features, finish, etc.. An interesting niche in this already exhausted selection of popular fishing lures are the jointed crankbaits. We take a look at the latest incarnation of this bait offered by River2Sea USA, the V-Crank. This is not just any jointed crankbait but features design differences that just might give it an edge over its competitors.

River2Sea USA V-Crank Specifications

Type Crankbait
Class Floating
Colors/Patterns 8 available
Size 2 3/8 in
Weight 1/2 oz
Diving Depth 5 - 7 ft
Hook Size #6
Price $11.99


Introducing the stunning jointed crankbait, the River2Sea USA V-Crank

River2Sea USA continues to bring us features offered in many import products but at prices more in tune with domestic offerings. Take the V-Crank, a lure featuring stunning finishes and molded patterns throughout the body including realistic eyes, gills, and scales. Of course, whatís really eye-catching is the jointed body sections ala the Jackall Aragon crank we reviewed in June of 2005. Like the Aragon crank, the head section of the v-crank is connected to the tail section via visible hardware, but the difference here is the presence of metal plates used primarily to create a loud clacking sound as the two halves crash together during a retrieve. The side benefit of this feature is to, hopefully, prolong the life of each half as well. As with most River2Sea USA products, you can be sure the V-Crank makes use of their Tungsten-Force system for rattles and internal weight balancing rather than lead. The lure comes with two quality Daiichi #6 hooks and the entire V-Crank is packaged in a high-end plastic box for individual storage.


The V-Cranks are kept well protected in a reusable hard-case


Complete Rig for V-Crank Tests

Rod St. Croix Avid Crankbait (AC66MHM)
Fenwick HMG (GT66M)
Reel Daiwa TDA 153HST
Quantum Energy PT
Line 10 & 12 lb. Sufix Elite

Field Tests:
We enlisted the River2Sea V-Crank to help us scrounge up some bass in the waters of the California Delta. Like most who crank the Delta we made use of the V-Crank in craw patterns. We tossed the V-Crank in Delta Craw and Lite Craw pounding the levee walls and fishing various structure to see how this jointed crankbait would run and how effective it is against black bass.


Zander cranks for bass on the levee walls on the California Delta with the jointed River2Sea USA crankbait


Casting: Paired with our cranking sticks and limp, Sufix Elite line, casting the 1/2 ounce V-Crank was easy and we reached our targets with little effort. During the multiple casting tests there was a slight breeze that didnít affect our casting distance much. With each cast of the V-Crank we were able to achieve distances between 90 to 100 feet with some thumbing and brakes set on. We were pleased this crankbait casts well despite its jointed body design.


Between the joint you'll find a metal plate and a metal knob that clashes together to emit a unique sound when retrieved


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