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Lure Review

Flirting with Innovation: The Reaction Innovations Flirt 6.95

Date: 10/15/07
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Reaction Innovations
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.58

Introduction: Worms worms worms... what's in a plastic worm? If there's one bait I tend to take for granted, it is the plastic worm. Don't they all look alike? How different can performance be between brands and styles? Certainly color selection and availability can play a key role, but with a simple, straight tail worm, what else? We take a look at one product, the Reaction Innovations Flirt 6.95 to see what we can find out.

Reaction Innovations Flirt 6.95 Specifications

Type Plastic Worm
Size (Weight) 6.75" (6 grams)
Colors/Patterns ~30 different color patterns
Number per Bag 15
MSRP $4.29

Impressions: Straight tail finesse worms, were at one time, THE ticket to a day of bass fishing success out West. These baits are responsible for the stereotype of western bassers being all about finesse, and the drop shot technique only served to strengthen this classification. Certainly the swimbait guys are looking to break that image and they're doing a fine job of this. What should not get lost though is the true effectiveness of these types of worms. For the most part, they just sit there and do nothing, but something about them really gets bass going. The Flirt 6.95 from Reaction Innovations is no different.


Introducing the Reaction Innovations Flirt 6.95 Finesse Worm

The Field Tests:
The Flirt 6.95, at 6.75 inches, is longer than the typical straight tail finesse worm. Most of these types of worms measure around four to four and a half inches. The 4.95 version of the RI Flirt is actually the original and made to answer that call. The 6.95 is a newer worm and intended to trigger the bigger bite. We headed to Clear Lake, California to see how effective it might be.


Complete test rigs for Reaction Innovations Flirt 6.95 Field Tests

Rig One Rig Two
Rod Megabass F3 1/2-65GTC Hien Type-S G.Loomis SMR-822S-SP-GLX
Reel Modified Daiwa Pixy Daiwa Exist Steez 2506
Line 10lb Sunline Shooter FC 10lb Sunline Shooter FC


The Flirt 6.95 in Main Vein

The depth of this color is impressive


Rigging: Given the Flirt 6.95 is a bit longer than your typical finesse worm, I didn't fish it on a split shot or drop shot rig. Instead, I used it like I would a standard worm and rigged it at the business end of both a shakey head rig and a weighted Texas rig featuring a tungsten bullet weight, glass bead, and all. One thing I did not do was fish this worm weightless. At only 6 grams, it's still rather light and would take an eternity to sink on its own. I no longer have this type of patience, but of course, that might be something you're looking for so by all means, do not let our tests dissuade you. My point simply is, this is a worm, as versatile as any other whose only real limitation is your imagination.


Sprayed Grass has a little bit of everything in it

Note the green, purple, and blue sparkles

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