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Reel Preview

Abu Garcia Introduces the Revo Premier Spinning Reel With NanoShield Technology

Date: 6/27/10
Tackle type: Reel
Manufacturer: Abu Garcia
Reviewer: JIP

Introduction: This year at ICAST Pure Fishing will be further improving their line of spinning reels. We just recently previewed what Pflueger will introduce and Abu prepares to debut something even more high-end, a completely new Revo Premier spinning reel that uses a new material which they call NanoShield.


Introducing the new Abu Garcia Revo Premier spinning reel

Revo Premier Spinning: Lighter and stronger are the right words to describe the new Abu Garcia Revo Premier spinning reel. This brand new spinning reel is described as 300% stronger than graphite and 50% lighter than aluminum.


NanoShield Technology is used on the Revo Premier spinning reel


Sounding like something straight out of a Sci-Fi novel Nanoshield draws inspiration from the science and metallurgy of the nuclear power industry. The NanoShield plating is designed to create unmatched strength and the process creates a more complete and consistent plating making the spool and stem on the Revo Premier extremely rigid. The result, a lightweight spinning reel with heavy weight performance, and the ability to better handle torque on the reel stem when fighting oversized fish. The NanoShield finish is also highly resistant to corrosion, abrasion and cracking.


NanoShield: 300% stronger than graphite and 50% lighter than aluminum


Mounting the handle and spinning the reel a few times demonstrated how silky smooth the retrieve is. No wobbling was observed during this initial inspection. The entire reel looks and feels quite refined and the materials used in the reel's construction definitely are a notch higher than what we have seen from the brand to date. The handle is awesome looking and feeling. It's black with gold highlights and ported for reduced weight. It features an EVA knob which can now be found on many higher end Pure Fishing brand reels.


A lightweight ported handle with a EVA knob


The Revo Premier spinning makes use of 11 HPCR stainless steel bearings, a stainless steel mainshaft and hardware, a sealed Carbon Matrix Drag system with 12 pounds of maximum pressure, a one-piece aluminum gear box, and the Everlast Bail System.


A sleek profile design for the Revo Premier


Did I mention how impressive the new Revo Premier looks? With the NanoShielding plus black, gold, and silver colors, the reel is pretty attractive and stylish. The spool isn't ported at all, perhaps due to design and structural reasons but the overall reel weight is still low. This is a prototype reel so there could still be changes coming right before or after ICAST.


A sealed Carbon Matrix Drag system is used


Two models are offered. The PRM20 weighs 7.9 ounces, has a gear ratio of 5.1:1  spooling 27 inches of line per turn of the handle with a spool capacity of 130 yards of 8-pound test monofilament or 190 yards of 8-pound test Fireline®. Model PRM30 weighs 8.1 ounces, has a gear ratio of 5.8:1 spooling 33 inches of line per handle turn with a spool capacity of 140 yards of 10-pound test mono and 180 yards of 10-pound Fireline.


A view from the top showing aggressive detailing


The new Abu Garcia Revo Premier spinning reel will be available after ICAST in the September timeframe and will retail for $249.95.


Here's another look at the handle

Conclusion: Since the initial introduction of the Revo baitcast reels the he team at Pure Fishing has been on a rocket ride when it comes to new products and overall popularity among bass anglers. By using NanoShielding the company hopes to move the needle once again. This new reel is billed as much stronger and lighter compared to those utilizing traditional materials. We will try to capture a demonstration at ICAST this year where they coat a ping pong ball with NanoShield and allow a person to stand on top of it without crushing it, proving just how durable this new material really is.









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