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Lure Review

Reel Pearl, a creative double blade propelling inline spinner

Date: 10/23/03
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Reel Pearl
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 7.83

Introduction: There are a few lures on the market that can be used to catch just about any species of fish, and inline spinners are one such lure. We had the opportunity to analyze the Reel Pearl, a creative new inline spinner from Canada that features blades that spin in opposite directions, creating a uniquely wild action.


Reel Pearl Specifications

Type Inline spinner
Material Brass or stainless steel
Color Brass or silver
Weights Available 1/32 - 1.5oz
Weight Tested 1/32oz
Price $4.00 (1/32oz)

About Reel Pearl: In 1995 Chance Gatzky was working at a gold mine in Canada's North West Territories. An avid fisherman, Gatzky always wanted to go fishing but had no lures available to. Rather then miss the opportunity he decided he would make his own. After many years of fishing and tweaking his original design, he teamed up with his son Ed and in 2000 the first Reel Pearl lure was introduced to the world of fishing. Today this innovative lure is being sold throughout Canada and in various stores in the United States.


Introducing the Reel Pearl inline spinner that uses a pearl, two blades, and a skirted hook for added attractiveness


Impressions: The Reel Pearl is truly a original product that's quite unique among the current inline spinners on the market. This inline spinner is attractive, has a solid design, and features two blades that rotate in the opposite direction. All the materials are solid brass, and the lure feels more durable then most small spinners.


The Design: The Reel Pearl is nothing like what we have seen before.  The design consists of a pearl, blades, and other environmentally friendly components that are all composed into one inline spinner. Its blades are designed to spin in opposite directions when retrieved.  Along with a few beads of different colors, a weight, and a skirted hook, the Reel Pearl is intended to incite curiosity in fish.


The two blades aren't symmetrically centered.  This creates a unique action and counters line twists once they spin.  The weight near the hook is a must to balance the wobbling action the blades create when it swims


Real World Tests: The Reel Pearl spinner was designed to catch a large variety of species including walleye, salmon, bass, northern pike, just to name a few.  We'll apply the 1/32oz lure to largemouth bass, trout, and salmon, working the lure at various depth, speeds, and in different water conditions.


Complete Rig for Reel Pearl Tests

Rod Berkley Lightning IM6
Reel Quantum Catalyst 10PTi
Line 6lb Sufix DNA


Casting: At 1/32oz this innovative spinner flew nicely while using light line. Its compound weight distribution resulted in good accurate casts.  If you try to cast on a windy day, the lure does get blown slightly due to the larger surface area from the two blades which are off center, but in most cases a little adjusting to the angle of cast can compensate this.


Retrieve: When retrieved, the Reel Pearl doesn't revolve like you would think an inline spinner would. Instead it has a pretty unique action that the two blades produce. Each blade spins in the opposite direction and since the blades aren't symmetrically on the same horizontal axis, it creates a violent wobbly action that shakes the Reel Pearl lure while producing a great deal of flash and vibration.


We tossed the Reel Pearl over and over again before coming to the conclusion of the construction of this invention. The lure is actually cleverly designed because when the lure wobbles as much as this one does, the weight distribution was matched perfectly to produce the unique action. As you can tell from the picture of the spinner, the weight placement is near the hook. That makes perfect sense because you're actually putting a stress point from the line at the "front," then as the blades turn, the weight at the end balances the lure. The result is an inline spinner with a wobble that's still under control and will run straight.


The durable Reel Pearl blades easily spins when retrieved.  Its counter-spin is what gives this lure its unique characteristic


While this lure is quite flexible in the technique you chose to work it, we found that a constant medium or fast speed retrieve worked the best.  A slow retrieve wasn't able to get the blades going with the correct motion. Also a retrieve and stop method worked for largemouth bass around structure, especially during the drop. The skirt on the hook was somewhat long for our tastes and with a little trimming with sharp scissors the hooking ratio was greater.


Line twists are common with inline spinners, but not with this design.  When retrieved slow or fast, line twist is rare with the Reel Pearl.  When we watched how the Reel Pearl swam through the water with the two blades in motion, you can tell why this inline spinner will not twist your line like some lures would, simply because the two blades spin in the opposite direction countering the twist you would expect in a single bladed design. Plus, as an added security, the Reel Pearl has a swivel affixed to the head of the lure.


A skirted hook helps entice aggressive fish to strike.  To ensure more hook ups, we opted to trim it a little


Durability: Having blades stick out at right degree angles was a concern to us before we ran the Reel Pearl on the water. But as we tested this lure we didn't notice any harm done to the lure from various species of fish. The blades are built solid and can't easily be bent out of shape, even by your hand. As with any dressed hook, regardless of what type of material is tied on, threads can be pulled off during fishing. After a few trout and bass hitting the skirted hook, some material did fall off, but doesn't affect the overall performance thereafter.

Reel Pearl Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Good overall construction with solid brass blades 8
Performance The two blades that spin in opposite directions produces a unique action that is attractive and runs fine at medium to high speeds 8
Price This unique inline spinner comes with a hefty price tag as you increase in size/weight but is a versatile lure 6.5
Features Featuring a double spin blade, pearl, beads, and a skirted hook at the tail end all adds to its appeal 8
Design (Ergonomics) Definitely an innovative design that's bound to catch a lot of attention and fish. The lure is well balanced for its actions.  There are only two colors for this spinner 8
Application An inline spinner that work on multiple species of fish at many depths 8.5

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Innovative design L Must be retrieved medium to fast speed for proper action
J Unique action L Skirted hook can come off
J Attractive to many species  
J Virtually zero line twists  

Conclusion: Reel Pearl is a truly an innovative lure. Utilizing two blades that spin in the opposite direction, the lure can produce a unique motion when retrieved. It performs well and can be used to target many species of game fish from trout to pike and bass. Some inline spinners are notorious for line twists, but with the Reel Pearl's two blade action system it virtually eliminates any problematic line twisting. No matter what method you work the Reel Pearl, it produces distinguished flash, wobble, and vibrations in the water to entice fish to strike.









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