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Lure Review

This isn't your daddy's Rapala crank, the new-fangled X-Rap "Slashbait"

Date: 11/21/05
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Rapala
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.33

This isn’t your daddy’s Rapala crank! The X-Rap represents a major design advancement for the lure giant, one that has anglers buying up these new lures in droves. The Rapala X-Rap “Slashbait” is a evolution of classic design coupled with some advanced features and extra strike “triggers.” We take a look at the X-Rap and see just how “Xtreme” this next generation bait really is.

Rapala (XR10) X-Rap Specifications

Type Modified Jerk Bait
Class "Slashbait"
Material Plastic
Colors/Patterns 13+
Weight 7/16oz
Size 4"
Hook size Two No. 5 (Treble hooks)
MSRP $6.99

Rapala is a giant in the industry and while best known for their lures they also sell a complete range of branded rods, reels, and tools. For most anglers the first vision that comes to mind when the name “Rapala” is mentioned is a crankbait. For years the Rapala offerings represented the "premium crankbait," delivering both high quality finishes and strike inspiring action. In more recent times Japanese lure manufactures like Yozuri and Lucky Craft have redefined the idea of a “premium crankbait,” and the Rapala offerings seem like a downright value when you assess the price delta.


Unlike the Rapalas we are used to...the new X-Rap "Slashbait"


When I first examined the X-Rap I was impressed with the overall build quality, and the distinctive torpedo like profile. The finish was different than most Rapalas in that the coloration rested under the thick plastic body rather than just under a protective coating. The finishes the lures did have scales, but they looked less realistic than some competitor offerings because they didn’t pepper the actual surface of the lure. Lures like the Lucky Craft Pointers have very realistic looking finishes because the scales are directly on the surface of the lure.


The X-Rap has a scale pattern beneath the plastic body


On the downside lures like the LC pointer are much more prone to damage. The other notable element of the X-Rap is a dressed rear hook, complete with flash strips. The lure is available in 13 colors, and the dressed hook varies in color (white, orange, red) depending on the body pattern.   


Complete Rig for Rapala (XR10) X-Rap field tests

Rod GLoomis MBR783C
Kistler He69APC
Reel Shimano Chronarch 50Mg
Line 12 lb. Yozuri Hybrid

Real world tests:
According to Rapala the X-Rap is designed for Bass, Pike, Salmon, Trout, Walleye, Snook, Redfish & Tarpon. We tested the lure primarily on largemouth bass in local reservoirs. Many of our editors remarked that the X-Rap looked like the ideal lure for ripping up Stripers so we also spent a serious amount of time observing whether or not the lure could incite a frenzy of striper action. 


The lure features a streamlined body that lends to the lure's unique side to side action


Casting: The X-Rap is an easy lure to cast not only because it weighs 7/16th of an ounce but also because it features a proprietary long cast system that works by shifting weights during outcast. By using a weight shift system the X-Rap is able to be cast easily and accurately. I found the system to work consistently among three different lures we field tested. In comparison to the Yozuri Mag-Minnow the Rapala system doesn’t increase the cast to such a large extent, but it absolutely does work. Overall I am impressed that Rapala would put a cast system into this lure, it absolutely makes sense as this lure is designed to cover vast amounts of water rather quickly. The cast control system also plays into the action of the lure once the X-Rap is in the water by rattling.


A feather tail complete with flash strips is added on the rear treble hook to add yet another element to reaction bait fishing (shown wet)


Retrieving: Why does Rapala call the X-Rap a “slashbait” rather than a jerkbait? The reason is that there are various ways to fish the bait that incite an aggressive side to side track rather than just a tight lurch forward like most jerkbaits. There are really three ways to retrieve this lure: constant, hard snap, or sweep retrieve. A 'constant" retrieve is a continual draw of line and no movement of the rod. When retrieving this style the lure imparts very little action, and we had little success with this technique getting fish to even follow, let alone strike. The key to fishing the X-Rap successfully is a creative and aggressive retrieve. In most cases this requires plenty of movement with your rod.


Point your rod tip down and vary your retrieve. With the X-Rap the angler has complete control over the lure's track


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