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Lure Review & Autopsy


Picking Apart
Rapala's BX Big Brat Squarebill


Date: 1/9/21
Tackle Type: Lure
Manufacturer: Rapala
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.25 - GREAT

Introduction: It has been a while since we have looked at one of Rapala's hardbaits. While the brand continues to offer some of the most popular crankbaits on the market for multiple species, including bass and trout fishing. Rather than rest on their laurels Rapala continues to try and find ways to blend their proven lures with new design and manufacturing techniques.
Anxious to get re-acquainted with the brand and to discover for myself whether or not their products have the same quality appeal, I spent some time browsing the Rapala product and found an interesting bait worth a closer look. Introducing Rapala's BX Big Brat Squarebill crankbait.


Rapala BX Big Brat Squarebill Crankbait Specifications

Type Squarebill Crank
Length 2.75"
Weight 3/4oz
Depth 6'
Material Wood or Plastic
Colors 16
Hooks VMC Black Nickel Hooks
MSRP $9.99


Introducing Rapala's BX Big Brat squarebill crankbait


Impressions: The "BX" brand within Rapala is a family of baits featuring balsa wood cores encapsulated by a copolymer shell. The idea is to present a bait with the action and buoyancy of balsa wood, but the durability of a hard plastic lure. The BX Big Brat was preceded by the standard, BX Brat Squarebill, a bait measuring two inches, weighing three eighths of an ounce and available configurations running to three or six feet in depth.

This bait features a copolymer shell over a balsa wood body

The BX Big Brat, as its name suggests, is larger measuring two and three quarters of an inch (2 3/4") and weighing three quarters of an ounce (3/4oz). It is available in only one configuration that's rated for up to six feet in running depth. This bait is much more my style in size and weight.

That copolymer shell is subtle, not super thick like we've seen in jigheads with similar construction

Autopsy: We previously cut open a standard sized Rapala BX Brat in year's past but to see if Rapala had made any changes in this newer larger bait I asked Zander to crack open one of these lures in the lab for a closer look. 

Time to pick apart the Rapala BX Big Brat

From the outside you wouldn't even know that this bait has a balsa core but some of the patterns have a translucent belly and if you look closely you can see the grain of the balsa

One of the benefits of using a copolymer shell is the enhanced durability. This bait better resists impact and abrasion

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