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Lure Review

Double Trouble: River2Sea Twin Vibe 65


Date: 1/20/13
Tackle type: Lure
Manufacturer: River2Sea
Reviewer: Wolbugger

Total Score: 7.25 - GOOD

River2Sea is well known in both the saltwater and freshwater world for making a broad spectrum of attractive baits.  Their lineup includes many different items spanning from tungsten sinkers to big saltwater plugs.  River2Sea always offers products with a variety of great color schemes, and many items are very reasonably priced.  One of their hard baits in the freshwater arena is the Twin Vibe 65, a compact lipless crankbait.  Exhibiting several noteworthy features, it was time to hit the water and put them to work.  

Each bait comes in it's own clear plastic bubble container.

River2Sea Twin Vibe Specifications

Type Lipless crankbait
Class Sinking
Depth variable
Size 2-5/8"
Weight 5/8 oz.
Hooks Daiichi #6 and #8
Colors/Patterns 13
MSRP $6.49-$9.99


Impressions: We received 3 of these baits from TackleWarehouse.com in the Delta Red, Chartreuse Shad, and Aurora Black colors.  Each bait is sold in a clear plastic bubble container that can be open or closed with a small side snap.  Shore anglers will really appreciate the packaging as it allows you to stick a few in your pocket or a small tackle bag without needing an actual lure box.

From left to right:  Aurora Black, Delta Red, and Chartreuse Shad.

These baits are quite attractive in person.  The bodies feature lifelike body contours, as well as detailed scale and head designs.  A large dorsal fin protrudes from the top of the bait, with sticky-sharp Daiichi hooks adorning the underside.  Anglers may opt to swap these hooks out for larger ones.  The belly hook is acceptable, but the rear hook, a size 8, looks like it belongs on a trout spinner and reinforces the need to play a hooked fish gently.

The shape and finish of these baits is very realistic.

The feature that really jumps out at you are the dual line ties on the top of the bait.  An angler may choose the front line tie to help aid in a shallower retrieve, while the rear line tie assists in allowing the bait to run deeper.  Included with each bait is an attached snap which facilitates easier changing between the two positions.

Of course, what would a lipless crankbait be without rattles?  These baits will surely cause quite a ruckus, featuring internal tungsten rattles that will draw attention from a long way off.  This will be an advantage for attracting attention while fishing dingy water, high winds, or around cover.

The dual line ties and included snap.

Real World Tests:  Testing with the Twin Vibe 65 occurred on a few southwest Florida lakes and adjacent canals.  14 lb Sufix mono, as well as 20lb Sufix braid were the lines of choice for testing.

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