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P R O D U C TT P R E V I E W: Reels

Hot New Reels, Sizes, and PT Technologies from Quantum in 2010

Date: 6/21/09
Tackle Type: Reel
Manufacturer: Quantum
Reviewer: JIP

Introduction: Quantum has been hard at work on a complete line of new reels that place and emphasis on improved refinement, extra features, and upgraded ergonomics. In a pre-ICAST scoop we take a sneak peek at the upcoming 2010 products soon to be officially launched by Quantum.


Quantum's new 150 size baitcast reels. 100 size with 200 size line capacity


New 150 Size Baitcast Reels: The market is saturated with the 100, 200, and more recently 300 size baitcast reels, and Quantum's answer is to release a reel with a profile of the 100 but with the line capacity of a 200 size reel. Quantum will introduce their new 150 size baitcast reels in three models incorporating their upgraded Performance Tuned technologies such as faster gear ratios, highest IPT (inches per turn) in their class, third generation innovative ACS3 cast control, and a layered PT Ceramic drag system.


Quantum's new and innovative Automatic Infinite ACS3 cast control system


ACS3 Cast Control: Let's take a closer look at the company's new Performance Tuned Technologies and how they work. First is the third generation cast control, the Automatic Infinite ACS3 where the brake assembly is tucked inside the spool. The ACS3 cast control system main attributes:


   - Automatically adjusts spool momentum after ramp up

   - Dual functioning brake weights move the spool into the break ring

     greatly improving brake control

   - 168 Degree rotation cast control setting



Advantages of ACS3: The benefits of the ACS3 system include more versatile, less backlashes, improved brake control, greater casting distance, and the ability to make different types of casts without re-adjusting the setting all the time, and allows for more precision casting with fewer adjustments.



Now how does the advanced ACS3 really work? When the dial is set to "low," like during flipping, the brake assembly will not engage all of the brake shoes. When the dial is set high for long casting, all of the brakes engage at max RPM, fewer of the brakes engage at lower spool RPM. You can also make a short flip without all the brakes activating. This allows for precision flipping without having to constantly reset the dial. You can continue long casting at any time and the brakes will automatically activate when required.





Layered PT Ceramic Drag System: Quantum also take's their ceramic drag design to the next level by combining their Ceramic drag system with three Carbon Fiber discs. Putting the two materials together gives anglers the benefit of a higher lockdown drag force and overall smoother drag performance.


Ceramic and Carbon Fiber discs combined for higher drag force and smoother active drag


Quantum is reporting the following drag lockdown forces on the upcoming reels:


5.4:1 gear ratio reels produce 19 pounds of drag

6.6:1 gear ratio reels produce 17 pounds of drag

7.3:1 gear ratio reels produce 15 pounds of drag


Gear Ratio and IPT: With the latest 150 baitcast reels Quantum is also pushing the limit in gear ratio and inches per turn. A 7.3:1 gear ratio is Quantum's fastest ever and with an IPT of 34 inches per turn, that gives anglers a new ultra fast option.

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