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Reel Review


Quantum's Colorful Accurist S3 Spinning Reel


Date: 12/19/19
Tackle Type: Reel
Manufacturer: Quantum
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.33 - GOOD

As much fun as I have throwing finesse baits on casting gear designed for lighter baits (BFS), when it comes down to it, spinning gear is still my go-to. Of course, there are a lot of anglers that use spinning gear for more than finesse - especially those just starting out or who only go out occasionally. For these anglers, not only is ease of use a concern, but also budget. Fortunately, the quality of spinning reels at more affordable price points is at an all time high. Quantum takes things a bit further by offering an affordable spinning reel with different color options. Here's our look at the Accurist S3 spinning reel.


Quantum Accurist S3 Spinning Reel Specifications

Line Capacity - Rated 15 = 6/140 : 25 = 8/150 : 30 = 10/150
Line Capacity - Spool Volume 30 size = 18.7 cm3
Retrieve Ratio
5.2:1 (30 size)
Inches Per Turn (IPT) - calculated
19 - 31 (30 size)
Weight 9.2 oz (30 size)
Handle Length 60 mm (30 size)
Bearings 6 + 1RB
Bearings per Knob Knob is riveted to handle
Line Roller Bearings One
Origin Made in China
MSRP $79.99

Introducing Quantum's Accurist S3 Spinning reel in baby blue!

Impressions: Not only is recreational fishing a great way to get outdoors and spend some time in fresh air, away from our connected lives, but ultimately it's fun. Shouldn't our tackle reflect that? Many manufacturers are catching up with that mindset and offering little tweaks and cosmetic enhancements to their products. Quantum's new Accurist S3 spinning reels are one such product.


Offered in four different colors, anglers now have an option to go with the standard white Accurist or choose something more eye-catching, and a little more fun.


This reel comes equipped with 7 total bearings


I decided to have a little fun and went with the 30 sized Accurist S3 spinning reel in baby blue. What I didn't realize was, I didn't really have a spinning rod to compliment this bright, fun color. I mean, it'd match any standard, graphite colored rod easily, but where's the fun in that? In the end, I matched it with my Doomsday T47S-370MF spinning rod for a combo that really stands out.

Spooled with 10lb Hi-Seas 100% Fluorocarbon

Real World Tests: The Accurist S3 spinning reel comes with a standard depth spool but rather than deal with the whole backing and leader ordeal, I just spooled on some 10lb Hi-Seas 100% Fluorocarbon straight onto the spool.

The line comes off the reel's spool in typical fashion

Retrieve: The Accurist S3 spinning reel has a very consistent feel to it as you're spinning the handle. This feel stops short of being buttery smooth. Instead, you can almost feel the teeth of each gear meshing together - it's more of a connected feel. It is not rough by any means and there are no intermittent knocks or pings to indicate poor quality. The rotor is well balanced and wobble while spinning the handle is minimal to none.

The Accurist S3 30 comes with a 60mm handle (measured center to center)

Drag: The Accurist S3 spinning reel's drag consists of three felt washers and two metal washers (one keyed) delivering very smooth performance. Quantum packs these washers with a lot of grease to minimize interference of water and also help with that buttery performance. There are no unexpected starts or shudders with this drag.

Drag stack consists of 3 felt and 3 metal washers with a generous amount of grease

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