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Rod Review

The Quantum PTS664F, Performance Tuned for finesse techniques that require profound action and sensitivity

Date: 4/24/03
Tackle type: Rod
Manufacturer: Quantum
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 8.78

Introduction: Ever since the release of the new Tour Edition PT rods, Quantum has been a big hit to Anglers who are looking for another option in their technique quality rods. We take a look at a spinning Quantum PT rod which was created to exhibit good performance throughout the Winter and Spring months for finesse bass fishing.


Quantum Tour Edition PT (PTS664F) Specifications

Material HSX62 Hi-Strain graphite
Length 6'6"
Line Weight 6-12 lb.
Lure Weight 1/8-1/2 oz.
Pieces 1
Power Medium
Action Fast
Color Matte Black
MSRP $149.99

Impressions: After reviewing the first PT rod back in December 2002, it left a lasting positive impression as to how far Quantum has come in the last 2 years in terms of design and manufacturer of tournament quality rods. Now as I hold the PTS664F in my hands, memories of the PT rod are brought back as the rod exhibits the same quality and design. The PTS664F is a well constructed spinning rod with medium power, fast action, and is constructed with premium Fuji components such as 8 Alconite guides and an IPS spinning reel seat all on a ergonomic cork grip. The actions are attractive for what this rod was intended for and the overall rod weight is considered light.


The Tour Edition PT spinning rod is constructed using Hi-Strain graphite and wrapped to create an aggressive taper for finesse techniques


Complete Rig for PTS664F Tests

Rod Quantum Tour Edition PT (PTS664F)
Reel TICA Libra SA2500
Line 6 lb. Sufix DNA

Field Tests: A rod of these characteristics make it very attractive for bass finesse fishing during the Winter and Spring months, and that's exactly where the PTS664F is tested. Medium in power and a fast tip make the Quantum PTS664F great for drop shotting, working plastic worms, and swimming grubs and small suspending jerkbaits.

Casting & Accuracy: Rigged with 6lb. test, casting small plastics come easy with a flip of your wrist. Even with a fast tip, the medium powered rod has good flexibility up to the mid section and great for flinging out small lighter weight lures. To go one step further to show how well the Quantum PT rod performs in casting, I even used it for trout fishing tossing Kastmasters and Gee-min-ees in the smaller sizes that are outside the specified range for the PTS664F.  Surprisingly I found the rod still to be very accurate and quite adept at tossing these tiny lures.  Tossing drop shot rigs, casting small plastic weightless rigged worms, and even smaller trout lures are all possible with a whip of the Quantum's sensitive tip.


Casting small lures even outside of the specified range is also possible with a rod with this much action and sensitivity

Sensitivity: Winter months mean the fish are usually suspended and one very effective technique being utilized on tour and on backyard lakes is the now famous drop shot. When drop shotting sensitivity is the key to detecting bites many feet down, resulting in solid hook sets at the right time. While fishing deep where the bass are hovering, I was able to detect subtle bites thanks for the fast tip on the PTS664F, then it was up to my reaction time to set the hook and gently pull the fish up from the depths with 6lb. test. Also while slowly working plastics at the bottom of the lakes, each and every bump was felt, along with the short quick nibbles by bass not aggressive enough to inhale the lure as they often do in the warmer months.


Using premium components such as Alconite guides applying Fuji's Guide Concept is one of the many design features that enhances sensitivity for the PT rod

Power: Bass Anglers usually fish fast and aggressive when the bass are biting, using heavier tackle. While Spring and Summer calls for heavier gear, Winter is the opposite. Finesse is the key and downgrading in power and other tackle means greater chance in hookups through delicate presentations. To some the PTS664F might not be muscular enough, but remember, this rod is intended for small plastics and drop shot techniques, with a manufacturers rating of 6 to 12 lb. test line and light lures.


While fishing for largemouth bass the Quantum Tour Edition PT rod had adequate power, but definitely requires a proper drag setting and the angler's skills to properly tire the fish rather then a simple drag in landing. The PT rod has a fast tip for quick hook sets, and has a strong mid to butt section. When using the PTS664F you are definitely up for a good fight no matter what size the fish is, and a heart-pounding battle when the fish are much larger.


Ergonomically designed, the Fuji IPS reel seat is used on the PTS644F which places the grip right above the spinning reel allowing a more comfortable hold for many hours


Comfort: Drop shot and finesse worm fishing require the angler to hold the rod steady for an extended period of time bouncing the offering at or near the bottom to keep the lures in motion within the target zone. To many anglers holding a heavy rod while engaged in this technique can be a real arm-sore, but with the lightweight PTS664F that's simply not the case. While testing the Quantum PT rod through multiple days bass fishing in the cold and wet weather I felt comfortable patiently holding still and working the lure slowly with most of the motion coming from slight wrist movements. The curved cork right above the reel seat provided a comfortable grip throughout my all day fishing adventures. In addition the weight of the rod is quite light, again reducing any unnecessary fatigue and saving your energy to fight the fish with a light to medium setup.

Quantum PTS664F Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Utilizes good components put together with care and quality 9
Performance Great for finesse techniques that call for excellent sensitivity and do not require much power 8.7
Price Performance Tuned with premium components and the price is right on target 8
Features An aggressive Gudebrod thread wrap, Fuji Guide Concept, and an ergonomic reel seat/handle are key features to this PT rod 9
Design (Ergonomics) The use of high-modulus graphite, quality grade cork, and Fuji's ergonomic IPS reel seat is very welcoming to any Angler 9
Application Constructed well with the right action and power for finesse techniques such as drop shot, worming, and other small plastics 9

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Good sensitivity L Medium power reduces effectiveness for larger lures
J Great for finesse techniques  
J Quality components  
J Ergonomically comfortable  

Conclusion: When Quantum set out to produce a quality line of Performance Tuned rods, they gathered their entire Pro Staff and obtained everyone's input, and the result of the brainstorming are simply stunning. The PTS664F is the second Tour Edition PT rod that we have tested and both performed well in all our categories. The Quantum PTS664F spinning rod is wonderful for finesse techniques such as drop shot, worming, and running other small plastics especially when the weather conditions call for a change in fishing styles. What's really attractive about the PT rod is the ability to deliver a action that is right inline with the intended application specific technique the rod was designed for. Medium in power and a quick tip along with superb sensitivity take the PTS664F into an entirely different category of its own. Using a high modulus graphite, an aggressive wrap, and premium components just go to show how dedicated Quantum is to the development of the PT rod family. The PT series definitely deserves a close look by anglers looking to boost their arsenal with quality application specific rods such as the PTS664F. A good indication of the PT series popularity is the sheer number of stores signing on to carry these fine products, and the droves of anglers lining up to buy them. 


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