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Rod Review

Professionally engineered and designed for superb performance, the
Quantum Tour Edition PT

Date: 12/5/02
Tackle type: Rod
Manufacturer: Quantum
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 8.75

Introduction: Quantum unleashes a new Tour Edition Performance Tuned casting rod complete with quality components to produce a quality rod that is designed by well known Pro Anglers.  The PTC666F sports an aggressive taper design, good ergonomics, and great sensitivity all of which add up to make this PT rod perfect for finesse worming with the capabilities of doing much more.


Quantum Tour Edition PT (PTC666F) Specifications

Material HSX62 Hi-Strain graphite
Length 6'6"
Line Weight 12-25 lb.
Lure Weight 1/4-1 1/2 oz.
Pieces 1
Power Medium-Heavy
Action Fast
Color Matte Black
MSRP $149.99

Impressions: When I had my first look at the Tour Edition PT (PTC666F) rod I was quite impressed that its quality was seemingly up to par with what you normally would find in premium rods.  But that was no surprise to me since Quantum is branding this rod with the high quality PT name that is now firmly established as a quality brand.  I would only expect first-rate components and materials put together into the entire package, especially when it was designed and tested by Quantum's professional advisory staff that includes the following: Brent Chapman, Shaw Grisby, Randy Howell, Gary Klein, Dan Rojas, Kevin VanDam, and Mike Wurm.


Quantum's Tour Edition PT casting rod displays its quality by employing premium components and excellent workmanship


The Quantum PTC666F is constructed with a high strain graphite, 10 Fuji Alconite guides employing Fuji's New Guide Concept System, a Fuji ECS reel seat, an ergonomically hand-shaped cork handle, and an aggressive genuine Gudebrod thread wrap.  The detail and quality workmanship is quite perceptible.  The rod wrap is precise and attractive, plus you will be able to easily tell the difference from the Tour Edition PT and the original Tour Edition rods by the PT markings on the graphite blank and at the butt of the cork handle.


Complete Rig for PTC666F Tests

Rod Quantum Tour Edition PT (PTC666F)
Reel Quantum Energy PT (E650PT)
Line 12 lb. Sufix DNA

Field Tests: When the cold weather starts to roll in it can mean for many anglers that it is time to shelf your reaction bait tackle and take out what arsenal you would use to work plastics with. The Tour Edition PT casting rod by Quantum arrives at the right time, as the weather shifts the water temperature has plummeted and working plastics on or near the bottom is my preferred method to landing more fish.  I set out to battle the weather and at the same time to see how well the Tour Edition PT rod can perform.


A ergonomically hand shaped handle adds additional comfort while casting

Casting & Accuracy: Being able to cast plastics of all sizes is a must, and the PTC666F showed great performance in this area.  The Tour Edition PT rod has the ability to easily cast and place the plastic exactly where you want it.  Aside from the powerful taper, the 10 Fuji Alconite guides also play an important role in casting accurately and tossing your lure over longer distances. With that many guides the line coming off the reel through the guides are well controlled.  Keeping the line flowing straight and direct to your target.


Overhead casting and pitching is super with the PTC666F, but flipping is also possible.  Not exactly the rod length most people would use for flipping, but being Anglers we have to be versatile and when the time calls for a quick flip, the Tour Edition PT rod will not fail you.


The exposed Fuji ECS reel seat allows you to place your finger directly on the blank for additional sensitivity

Sensitivity: Remember when you were a kid and you used to string two tin cans together for a homemade telephone?  When you and your buddy pulled the string tight, the sounds waves transmitted much better than when the string had slack.  That's similar with the Tour Edition PT casting rod. The solid construction and tight wrap provide excellent sensitivity.  That's why the PTC666F works great as a worming and all round plastics rod.  When working your plastic at the bottom of the lake you will be able to sense every structure it rolls over and of course strikes from the smallest fish.  In addition the use of quality Fuji guides while applying the New Guide Concept also enhances the sensitivity throughout the rod. While field testing the PT rod at the nearby Campbell Perc. Ponds, I was able to sense small largemouth and even bluegills trying to take my plastic worm without success because it was too large for their mouths.  I was able to feel the entire process from the fish picking up the tail of the worm, running with it, and then dropping it hitting the bottom of the pond.


Detecting even the most gentle hits, this small largemouth bass falls victim to a purple worm rigged on the Tour Edition PT

Power: The PTC666F is a buff rod!  Once you see and use it, you will know why.  The rod uses Gudebrod thread to wrap the guides and creates an awesome taper that powerful.  The butt section of the rod is where you will also notice it's incredible power.  The entire section between the reel seat and the first guide was wrapped in a way that it provides a solid construction that can withstand a monster.  Each location that's wrapped is also coated with multi-layers of epoxy for a durable long-lasting finish.


The butt section is nicely wrapped with Gudebrod thread, then supported with multi-layers of epoxy that makes the PTC666F one tough rod


While pitching and flipping near structure I was able to quickly muscle the fish before it could run around submerged branches that could create a potential frustrating snag up, and lost fish. The fast action and muscular design of this rod makes the Tour Edition PT great for fishing plastics anywhere on the water.  The outstanding power makes it easy to generate solid hook sets and the strength of the PT is plenty to easily haul in your catch without fear.  

Quantum PTC666F Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Employing Quantum's Hi-Strain graphite,  quality components, and overall construction are very good.  The thread wrap is done precise and it really shows 9
Performance Good performance.  The fast taper design and other components makes this rod sensitive and powerful 8.5
Price A PT rod with premium quality components at a competitive price 8
Features Fuji's New Guide Concept and 10 Alconite guides, Gudebrod thread, multiple coats of epoxy, and a hand shaped ergonomic handle make this a great package 9
Design (Ergonomics) Designed with hand shaped quality cork grip and the rod being lightweight makes the Tour Edition PT comfortable to use and ergonomic 9
Application Built for a specific technique and does it well 9

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Powerful L An application specific rod, so there's not much flexibility.  Plastics are what it's good for
J Alconite guides  
J Ergonomic cork handle  
J Precise thread wrap  
J Great rod for plastics  

Conclusion: Performance Tuned was first introduced by Quantum in their PT series reels that have guts of steel. Packed with innovative and quality components those reels provide great performance. When I first heard that Quantum was manufacturing PT rods I knew they had to keep the quality the brand name is now synonymous with.  The all new Tour Edition PT casting rod by Quantum well deserves the Performance Tuned name and is professionally designed with premium quality components that all add up to form a rod that has excellent performance in casting plastics of countless sizes, sensitivity to detect the slightest bumps, and a powerful aggressive taper to outfight even the hefty fish. All this fully incorporated into producing a superb rod that Pro Anglers like Kevin VanDam and Gary Klein use for fishing plastics, and truly deserves a closer look if you are looking for a flexible worming stick!









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