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Rods & Reels Preview

Come take a peek at the new and exciting 2003 Performance Tuned rods and reels by Quantum

Date: 7/1/02
Tackle type: Rods & Reels
Manufacturer: Quantum
Reviewer: JIP

Introduction: Quantum's new 2003 products have arrived!  After unleashing the new Performance Tuned reels last year, Quantum strengthens their line of rods and reels by introducing additional tackle to their PT series.  Come join us as we introduce the new gear for this coming year.

Quantum Energy PT (E650PT & E640PT) Specifications

Line Capacity 12/165, 14/135
Gear Ratio 5.1:1(E650PT), 4.4:1(E640PT)
IPT(Inches Per Turn) of the handle. Rate at 80% if spool capacity 20.6 IPT(E650PT), 18.9 IPT(E640PT)
Weight 9.2 oz.
Bearings 5BB, 1RB
Additional Features CNC machined Aluminum frame, Maxcast aluminum spool, Ceramic-Zirconia levelwind, Continuous Anti-Reverse, ACS II cast control, HotSauce, Super Free Spool design
MSRP Coming soon


The new Quantum Energy PT baitcasting reels make a smashing intro with two new gear ratios of 5.1:1 and 4.4:1.  Now the Energy PT series has three reels with three different gear ratios


Impressions: Not too long ago TackleTour tested the Quantum Energy PT(E600PT) that has a gear ratio of 6.2:1 and many different Performance Tuned components.  As 2003 nears, Quantum unveils the new Energy PT models with a slight different appearance and what's quite important to us Anglers, new gear ratios.  The new Energy PT E650PT and E640PT has a slower winding ratio than it's previous sibling.  The slower gear ratios allow Anglers to fish lures that require a slower and smoother retrieve in order to work the lures correctly for different applications.  The new models also has a new look.  The E600PT has a silver-metallic appearance while the E640PT and E650PT has a darker metallic bronze tone.


Quantum Catalyst PTi (CT10PTi) Specifications

Line Capacity 2/200;4/125, 6/100
Gear Ratio 5.2:1
Weight 8.2oz.
Bearings 7BB, 1RB
Additional Features TiMAG II system, MaxCast Longstroke aluminum spool, spare aluminum spool, Ceramic Magnum drag system, Low-friction Continuous Anti-Reverse II, Hot Sauce, TRU-Balance, Oversized Twist-Reducer line roller, soft contoured handle knob
MSRP Coming soon


Quantum brings you an award winning reel in an even smaller size to suit your fishing needs.  The CT10PTi is packed with all the features as its larger siblings


Impressions: As one of TackleTour's Editor's Choice spinning reels for 2002, the Catalyst PTi was outstanding in every category.  The performance, workmanship, design, and the value all met and excelled above the marks throughout each intensive field tests.  For 2003 Quantum will release an even smaller Catalyst PTi, the CT10PTi.  Now the Catalyst PTi family is four strong with the CT40PTi, CT30PTi, CT20PTi, and the all new CT10PTi.  This ultralight designed is perfect to fish trout and other smaller sized fish with, and it also makes a great backpacking or travel reel.  Some might complain that other ultralight reels don't have pure back-play control.  Well, here's your solution.  The CT10PTi utilizes a continuous anti-reverse clutch system that prevents back-play.


Quantum Tour Edition PT Casting Rod (PTC666F) Specifications

Material HSX62 Hi-Strain graphite
Length 6'6"
Line Weight 12-25 lb.
Lure Weight 1/4-1 1/2 oz.
Pieces 1
Power Medium-Heavy
Action Fast
Color Matte Black
MSRP Coming soon


The all new Tour Edition PT casting rod employs many high quality components such as Fuji Alconite guides, Fuji ECS reel seat, and a high strain graphite material

Staying in the same mind set as their Performance Tuned reels, Quantum reveals their latest line of Tour Edition PT fishing rods.  When TackleTour first held these rods we were quite amazed on how good they felt.  The PTC666F felt really lightweight, powerful, and comfortable.  This rod uses high quality components like Fuji's ECS reel seat, ergonomic premium-grade cork, 10 Fuji Alconite guides applying the Fuji New Concept Guide System, and a high strain graphite. The detail and quality workmanship is quite noticeable.  The rod wrap was precise and attractive, plus you will be able to easily tell the difference from the Tour Edition PT and the original Tour Edition rods by the PT markings on the graphite and at the butt of the cork handle.  This rod looks and feels great.  Maybe it's because Quantum's Professional Advisory staff members were involved in designing the Performance Tuned rods.  These people include the following: Brent Chapman, Shaw Grisby, Randy Howell, Gary Klein, Dan Rojas, Kevin VanDam, and Mike Wurm.


Quantum Tour Edition PT Spinning Rod (PTS664F) Specifications

Material HSX62 Hi-Strain graphite
Length 6'6"
Line Weight 6-12 lb.
Lure Weight 1/8-1/2 oz.
Pieces 1
Power Medium
Action Fast
Color Matte Black
MSRP Coming soon


Quantum reveals the Tour Edition PT spinning rod that utilizes a Fuji IPS reel seat that was tweaked by Quantum engineers for better comfort and performance.  This rod sports all the great components as the casting rod above

The addition of the Tour Edition PT casting rods wouldn't be complete without a similar series in the spinning category.  TackleTour had the opportunity to closely analyze the PTS664F rod and we found it to be the same high quality look and feel as the casting rod above.  The Quantum PTS664F has a medium power and a fast taper.  It uses the same high strain graphite, 8 premium and lightweight Fuji Alconite guides, and an ergonomic Fuji IPS spinning reel seat with an engineering twist to it.  Quantum engineers reversed this design and placed the threads toward the rod butt.  By doing this on spinning reel seats it adds much more comfort because now you're actually holding onto cork instead of the threads.


Other new 2003 products: Along with what we mentioned above, Quantum also has many more new and exciting products to show Anglers.  Here you will find a list of the other tackle that might interest you.


PT Spinning Reels Kinetic PTi(KT10PTi)
Tour Edition PT Rods 15 actions to choose from
Spinning Reels Pulse(PL10), Icon(IC10)
Tour Edition Rods TEC705F, TES764MS
Bill Dance Signature Series Rods 17 actions available
Affinity Specialty Rods 12 species specific rods in casting, spinning, salmon/steelhead, noodle, trolling, and muskie
BlueRunner Gold (In-shore) 17 actions available
BlueRunner Gold (Off-shore) 22 actions available

Conclusion: Around this time every year new products are being introduced.  TackleTour tries every way possible to bring you the latest news and introduction of the future tackle that we all love to drool over.  For 2003 Quantum is revealing many products to strengthen their Performance Tuned series in reel, and brand new for this coming year the PT rods.  As seen in previous PT reels they are reworked with better components to enhance the overall design.  The 2003 reels now come in a whole new different size and gear ratio.  The PT rods uses some of the most advanced and premium components available today.  Stay tuned for the upcoming new product reviews as TackleTour takes these new and exciting gear onto the water for our field tests.











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