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Reel Review

The Quantum Energy PT: See how this refreshing redesigned reel compares

Date: 11/28/05
Tackle type: Reels
Manufacturer: Quantum
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 8.67

Each year, it seems, companies make changes to their products. Whether it be in appearance, internal upgrades, or complete redesigns, sometimes these newer products share nothing in common with the replaced models other than their trusted model names. The Quantum Energy PT baitcast reel is one such product to receive a complete overhaul for 2006. The question in many anglersí mind is what differences, if any, are there between the new and old models and are they actually better? Welcome to our in-depth review and comparison of the 2006 Energy PT.

Quantum Energy PT (E760PT) Specifications

Line Capacity (lb/yds) 12/125
Gear Ratio 6.3:1
IPT 26.1
Weight 9.5 oz
Bearings 7BB, 1RB
Additional Features CNC machined aluminum frame, sidecovers, and support, MaxCast ultralight skeletal spool, ceramic drag system, Infinite ACS centrifugal cast control, Dual PT bearing Continuous Anti-Reverse, Polymer-stainless hybrid PT bearings, Ceramic Zirconia levelwind system, Super Free Spool pinion, titanium vacuum deposition coating, cold-forged 1-piece capless screw-on handle
MAP $179.95


Introducing the new 2006 Energy PT that comes in a right(E760PT) and left(E761PT) handed model

Remember in 2005 when Quantum released the redesigned Accurist and Accurist PT baitcast reels? Well, thatís what the Quantum Energy PT reminded us of when we first set eyes on it. Taking on a similar but not the same profile as the Accurist, this reel has additional enhancements such as the capless screw-on handle with good sized handle knobs, an enlarged gear, Infinite ACS centrifugal cast control, and more. Compared to the older model, the 2006 reel is much more attractive and will surely catch the eyes of anglers.


The frames of the 2006(left) vs. 2005(right) models


Complete Rig for Energy PT Tests




Quantum Energy PT (E760PT/761PT)

Lines 12 lb. Sufix Elite


The MaxCast skeletal spool is lightweight and allows line to peel off quickly

Field Tests:
The intent of this review is to do a side to side comparison with the previous model to the newly released Energy PT. So what better way than to take them both out on the water and conduct tests to judge their performance and overall feel tossing the same lures, on the same rod, and the same line. In addition we fished with the new Energy PT for largemouth bass and landlocked stripped bass to test its fishing abilities.


Quantum's Infinite ACS centrifugal cast control allows a wide range of setting from zero to full and anything in-between


Casting: With the cast control turned off, both reels were able to cast like a champ. The line comes off the MaxCast ultralight skeletal spool almost too quickly requiring the modulated control of the anglerís thumb. With that said, thereís one huge benefit that clearly declares the 2006 model a winner: the new Infinite ACS centrifugal cast control gives anglers pure control of the variable setting from zero to full whereas the older model only had four fixed settings. By turning the external knob, anglers are allowed to tune the brake control settings ideal to their rig enabling maximum distance on casts as well as supreme control and accuracy. Verdict: They got it right


Increased gear size also requires a slightly enlarged housing


Retrieve: The retrieve of the 2006 Energy PT feels smooth, exact, and powerful. The seven ball bearing system (five previously) provides a fluid flow as you crank the handle. Compared to the older model, this one has the new capless screw-on handle that eliminates the handle play felt in the old reels. Thus when you grasp the knob and turn the handle you will feel how solid it is from start to finish. The retrieve with the E760PT is not only faster but has more torque thanks to the oversized main gear. Now you can fish with a higher gear ratio of 6.3:1 compared to 6.2:1 and have the power to drive larger lures and fish back to the boat. We had incidents on the California Delta where we had to drag fish through heavy vegetation while frogginí and flipping soft plastics into fish ambushing holes. When a fish took our offering and dove straight for cover, we had to muscle the fish back out. The new Energy PT gave us the power to turn the head of each fish and pull them, fully covered with vegetation, back to the boat. Verdict: They got it right


A new 1-piece cold-forged capless screw-on handle is solid and provide no handle play

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