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Lure Review

A fresh spin on the original trout magnet, the new Holographic spinners by Panther Martin

Date: 11/7/02
Tackle type: Lure
Manufacturer: Panther Martin
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 8.47

Introduction: When you think about inline spinners used for trout fishing, what's one of the top names that pops up into your head?  I would say most people would have thought of Panther Martin. Their inline spinners come in many different varieties for different fishing situations, and if you have ever used one before you know how well they work on even the shyest trout. To further add to their selection of lures, Panther Martin introduces the all new PM Holographic spinners.

Panther Martin Holographic Specifications

Type Inline Spinner
Material Brass blade, lead weight
Colors/Patterns 3 available
Weight 1/32 - 1/2 oz.
MSRP $2.99 - $3.49

Impressions: Panther Martin spinners have been catching fish for over 39 years now and the popularity continues to grow daily among fishing enthusiasts.  Recently Panther Martin introduced the new Holographic spinner that's nothing like any other spinner currently on the market.


The all new wild Holographic Panther Martin spinners


The new Holographic lures come in three aggressive new patterns... Tiger Black, Tiger Green, and Spotted Blue.  These new spinners use a innovative holographic finish that sports a wild appearance which combined with the flash and vibration of the blade is designed to entice more fish to strike. The weighted portion of the inline spinner is also covered with a holographic finish to complete the exciting new look. These new Holographic spinners come in all your favorite sizes ranging from 1/32 to 1/2 oz. large.

Real World Tests: No matter what type of water you are headed out to, there's a Panther Martin spinner that will suit your needs.  For my tests I opted to test these new Holographic lures in the high country rivers of Yosemite where I can target many different types of trout in either fast moving water or still pools where the larger quarry lurk.


Holographic lures work well on many species of trout 


Casting: When matched with the correct fishing line, casting the spinners is simple, and they travel through the air without much resistance.  For example, if you use a 1/32 oz. Holographic I would recommend using 2 lb. test (just make sure to set the drag loose) and as the weight increases so can your line.  When fishing for trout in the backcountry waters most of the fish are small, but once in a while you do run into the huge ones.  By using a lighter line you can cast the Holographics far enough to prevent spooking fish.


Casting far across deep pools along the river can be done easily with the new Holographic lures, allowing better coverage and catching Browns like this


Retrieving: Ah!  Retrieving Panther Martins of all types are a real treat!  This is also true for the new Holographic lures.  I have never had any problems with the blade not spinning when I retrieve it.


Being able to retrieving Holographic lures in shallow rivers is one of the many pluses


One particular place I enjoy fishing these Holographic spinners are in rivers.  The Holographic Panther Martins can be used in waters of all depths from almost dried up river sections to deep pools, and fast to slow moving waters. Unlike other lures that have a fall rate much too quick for shallow water the Panther Martin's can be retrieved at various speeds without the lure ever bumping against the river bottom. Not only does this increase the strike zones you can work with, but it will also save you from many annoying snag ups.


There are many ways to work this lure.  Retrieve it fast, slow, or in some cases even vertical jigging it from the top of a boulder.  Trout sometimes can be very timid, but when you present the lure softly into the water, then vertically jig it, you can entice them to bite.  I was jigging the Spotted Blue Holographic spinner and was able to land two good sized Brookies in a deep pool.


A Brown lurking in a few inches of water falls victim to the Spotted Blue Holographic 


Durability: The level of durability on the Panther Martin Holographic spinners are great.  No signs of deformation nor dysfunction after many days of testing.  The holographic finish is still in good shape and these spinners are still catching fish today.



PM Holographic Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Made very well with good components that will last fish after fish  9
Performance Incredible performance!  This lure spins every time and has good action in enticing fish to strike.  Runs well in very shallow to deep pools of water 9
Price A little more for the same price as standard PM spinners 7.8
Features The holographic finish is a new addition that gives the fish something new to chase 8
Design (Ergonomics) A Panther Martin spinner with an added twist.  The new holographic look is something the fish has never seen before 8
Application Awesome lure for rivers and streams for any type of trout 9

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Spins every time  
J New holographic look  
J Great action  
J Good choice for shallow rivers  

Conclusion: Panther Martins... we all love them, especially when trout fishing.  These inline spinners are incredible and with the new introduction of the Holographic lures, we now have something "different" in our tackle box to target wary trout. Like the other Panther Martin spinners, the Holographics spin every time, perform well in different water conditions, and can be retrieved in many different ways. The exciting holographic design don't just reflect light differently, they flash and shine so brilliantly they inspire wild action. This fresh spin on an old favorite increases the effectiveness on what was already a winning design.










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