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Reel Review

Pflueger’s “Supreme” Baitcast Offering


Date: 4/17/08
Tackle type: Reels
Manufacturer: Pflueger
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 7.00 - GOOD

It has been much too long since we last reviewed a Pflueger product, three years in fact. Since looking at the President baitcaster in 2005 the company has released a number of new offerings including the Supreme, which picks up where the President left off. We explore the Supreme to see just how the reel manufacturer has come in terms of performance and whether or not the Supreme is as good of a value as the President was.


Pflueger Supreme Specifications

Line Capacity (lb/yds) 12/130
Gear Ratio 6.3:1
Weight 8.5 oz.
Bearings 10BB + 1RB
Additional Features Double anodized aluminum spool, titanium line guide, ultimate dual brake system, cold forged aluminum handle, aircraft aluminum main gear, brass pinion gear, soft touch thumb bar
MSRP $179.95

Pflueger has long been known for offering products that represent an incredibly good value. Three years ago we looked at the Pflueger President, a reel had all the features and performance required of a flagship reel at the time, it is designed with quality materials, delivered excellent fishability across the spectrum, and managed to do all this while remaining surprisingly affordable. The President won over a lot of anglers that were looking for an alternative to Shimano and Daiwa.


The Pflueger Supreme is the natural successor to the President

Since that time Pflueger has expanded both the company’s own lineup as well as their OEM reel designs. The Supreme has 10 double shielded stainless steel bearings and a one way clutch instant anti reverse bearing. We wanted to review the Supreme before we looked at the company’s newest reels, the Patriarch which also has 10 bearings, the Summit with 9 bearings, and the Asaro with 7 bearings.

The Supreme features a combination magnetic and centrifugal braking system, one that is externally adjustable

The new generation of Pflueger reels look more aggressive than the Supreme, with more pointed and low profile frames. The Supreme on the other hand looks like the natural evolution of the President. The reel bears a similar profile and size with slightly more angular edges and some porting.

The Supreme offers wide access to the spool

Real World Tests: To test the Pflueger Supreme we fished the reel for over two complete seasons targeting largemouth, spotted bass, and stripers in the California Delta, Lake Mc Clure, and Lake Berryessa. We loaded the reel with 12lb Maxima, and mounted the reel on various rods depending on the species we were targeting. We also used the reel for the complete range of baits, whether it was finesse plastics or mid sized swimbaits, whatever the application called for we employed the Supreme for the job.

The thumb bar has a soft touch pad that is both comfortable and grippy

Casting: The Pflueger President was a great caster, and made use of a six pin centrifugal braking system that was very similar to the VBS system employed by Shimano. During casts this system forces the engaged weights forward, gently slowing the forward motion of the spool. The Supreme employs a dual cast control system that Pfluger calls the “Ultimate Brake System” that combines centrifugal and magnetic brakes for a limitless range of cast control.

The Supreme features audible click adjustable drag

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