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Watercraft Review

The Cadillac of Float tubes...the Super Fat Cat from Outcast

Date: 10/17/02
Tackle type: Watercraft
Manufacturer: Outcast
Reviewer: Buzz

Total Score: 8.66

There are a number of different personal watercraft products on the market today that all accomplish different things.  Some are designed for stillwater lake fishing, while others are designed to be packed in to your favorite back-country for access into those difficult to reach spots.  This review will take an in depth look at Outcast’s Super Fat Cat 66S.

Outcast Super Fat Cat Specifications

Size 60” X 46”
Capacity 300 lbs.
Weight 12 lbs.
Valve Large 1” Air valve
Construction PVC Bottom, PAC Cloth Top
Seat Adjustable Foam Seat
Bladders 1 Large Urethane Bladder
Storage Large Side Pockets
Warranty 3 Years
Price $350.00

About Outcast: Outcast Sporting Gear produces high quality watercraft that are famous for detailed design and thorough testing that goes into each boat prior to mass production. Outcast is based in Boise, Idaho and is conveniently located close to excellent fishing and field test waters, a region they refer to as "our lab...the Greater Rocky Mountain region."

Outcast refers to the Super Fat Cat as the Cadillac of float tubes

The Super Fat Cat is larger then a traditional float tube due to the dual pontoon design. In addition it is oversized for the purpose of increased comfort and stability. A similar design can be found in a smaller lighter version...the Original Fat Cat. Interestingly the smaller version features two independent pontoons and two air bladders, while the Super Fat Cat has a very aerodynamic design that makes use of a single air bladder. Though the super Fat Cat weighs two pounds more then the original it is able to hold up to 50 more pounds.

The Super Fat Cat is larger then most float tubes and focuses on comfort and stability over size and weight


The Field Test: In looking at a float tube there are a number of factors I considered before making my selection.  First, I wanted the ability to use the float tube to find fish under all conditions.   I had the opportunity to Test Outcast’s Super Fat Cat at Lake Almanor, CA where the trout are abundant, but can be finicky at times.  The wind picked up a great deal, and the tube remained very stable through the choppy conditions.


The sealing air valve can stay open or closed with a quick twist, then capped while the tube is in use

The biggest advantage to the Super Fat Cat is its Padded Foam Cushion that keeps your rear a good 3-4 inches above the water.  Traditional float tubes have you sitting waist deep in the water which anybody with experience will tell you makes maneuvering, casting, and landing fish very difficult.  Much of your body weight is supported by a nylon flap that after a day of fishing can cause noticeable discomfort to your crotch area. 

Fly fishing is much easier when you are sitting higher up and out of the water

This tube puts you on a “chair” that is much more comfortable than any other float tube set-up we have tested to date.  There are 2,  3” foam cushions, one for your back and the other for your butt. The one for your back is fully adjustable for anyone that has a temperamental back. This seat design gets you “up and out of the water” with only your shin/knee area submerged is critical to not only your comfort level, but in helping you catch fish as well. 


The Super Fat Cat's design allows anglers to move quickly across water with little resistance


For example, if you are a fly-fisherman this added height makes casting long distances much easier, which is often necessary for catching weary lake trout. In short, I think the seat design is an innovation that is very effective and ahead of it’s time when compared to other float tubes on the market, and due to the increased comfort and mobility, makes it easier to focus on fishing.

Plenty of storage in these huge pockets

However, that being said, there is still room for improvement.  The tendency while casting is to lean forward on the foreword cast. While the back of the seat adjusts, the bottom does not.  The lean in casting lets you slide or creep forward a little bit after time.  You find yourself inching back into your regular position quite often.  One solution lies in doctoring your cushion to put it at a slight decline by cutting out some of the existing square foam.  All in all, the entire seat is a great concept that just needs a little fine tuning that can be done by the operator after they figure out what will work best for them.


The Super Fat Cat allows anglers to get away from the shore and reach fishing hotspots

The entry and exit features of this tube are also a plus. The stripping guide easily detaches from the tube on one end allowing for easy access/removal from the tube.  With the tubes “V” design & with the stripping guide up, To Enter all you have to do is back into it and sit down like your reclining in your favorite chair. To exit, simply get the tube in shallow water and stand up.

A integrated ruler to quickly measure your catch

Storage: Outcast’s Super Fat Cat comes with 2 large side pockets for your gear.  These pockets are so large that you won’t be forced to wear your fishing vest if you choose not to.  Sometimes in float tubes vests can be cumbersome and are just one more thing your slack line can tangle on while heaving out tons of line.  However, one of the most fascinating storage areas of this tube is in the area behind the chair.  It would be perfect for ditching a sweatshirt of T-shirt except that it gets a little water in through the bottom zipper.  It does however make a great place to store a net, or a rod holder for your spare rod.

The Super Fat Cat is extremely stable, anglers can lean all the way forward without fear of tipping the watercraft (Her Buzz leans forward to revive a fish)

The Warranty:
 Outcast products are inspected at every stage of the production to identify any problems early. Though the Super Fat Cat is among the strongest float tubes we have tested, as with all watercraft factors outside of your control may damage your tube. It is in these situations that it is good to know that Outcast has a reputation for good service after the sale and offers a 3 year warranty program that covers the Super Fat Cat's workmanship and materials since the date of purchase by the original owner.


Outcast Super Fat Cat Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Very strong and durable PVC re-enforcements to help stand penetrating sticks, branches, and rocks. 9.5
Performance The “V” Design is good for maneuverability and charging through the water with less effort 9
Price Ouch.  About 350 MSRP.  The features make this product the top of the line, but if you are fishing on a budget you might want to consider the Fat Cat’s brother Fat 66 at $100 less 6
Features Foam Seat, Adjustable back, large storage compartments, and the stripping guide that unfastens make this a float tube with all the bells and whistles 9.5
Design (Ergonomics) Comfortable design, and positioning more of the anglers body out of the water reduces fatigue as well as increases your range of movement 9
Application Just about all lakes from smooth and small that need to be hiked, to the lakes that are big and choppy where a stable tube is needed. This tube is slightly larger and heavier then others, if your backpacking you will want to consider Outcast's (BPL) Backpacker Lite model which weighs half as much 9

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J High quality materials L More expensive then most float tubes
J Extremely comfortable L Angler slips forward in the seat
J Stable and maneuverable L Water gets into the rear of float tube, so you can't store clothing
J Plenty of storage L Heavier and larger then most tubes, backpackers will prefer the BPL model
J Stripping guide  
J Design allows surprisingly fast movement  

The Outcast Super Fat Cat 66S is one of the most advanced and innovative float tubes on the market today.  Its design is truly ahead of it’s time.  Backpacking or Lake fishing this is a tube that everyone must consider.  Many might be turned off at the price, but if you use the tube more than occasionally you will immediately know what you’re paying for right when you sit in this the very first time.  I would recommend this tube to anyone who has a traditional float tube that wants to “ride in the Cadillac” and is willing to pay the sticker price for it if you know what I mean.  If your a hard core backpacker you will want to look at the (BPL) backpacker model from Outcast which is half the weight and packs down to a very small size. If you are looking for comfort and stability above all, then this is the float tube for you.

Tight Lines, Buzz









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