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Lure Review

Can You Stand It? Another Hard to Find Rip Bait: The O.S.P. Rudra 130-SP

Date: 10/10/07
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: O.S.P.
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.58


Introduction: While not a new bait company by any means, O.S.P. is relatively unknown here in the United States. In Japan, they have been producing top quality, effective, and sought after baits for some time. As with most popular baits, there are a select few who already know the virtues of the O.S.P. product, but this is our first look at what they have to offer. Of course, what more appropriate product for TackleTour's introduction to this company than their acclaimed jerkbait. Introducing the O.S.P. Rudra 130-SP.

O.S.P. Rudra 130-SP Specifications

Type Jerk/Rip Bait
Depth 0-6 feet
Class Suspending
Size (Weight) 130mm / 5 1/8" (3/4 oz)
Colors/Patterns 7 available
Hook Sizes 3 - #4's
MSRP ~$20

Impressions: Those familiar with and already using baits like the Lucky Craft Pointer 128SP will have no trouble getting comfortable with the Rudra. Those who are more comfortable with baits like the Lucky Craft Pointer 100SP, Megabass Vision 110, or even jerkbaits smaller than these two are likely to do a double take when holding one of these bad boys in their hand. Such was the case when we pulled out the O.S.P. Rudra for a test run - this is a big jerkbait!


Introducing the O.S.P. Rudra 130-SP Rip Bait

The Field Tests:
Of course, taken in context with a swimbait, well, you get the idea. It's all relative. I fished the O.S.P. Rudra on my Custom G.Loomis MB843C GLX rod built by Matt Davis of Otterods. Paired with a 2004 TDZ Custom in Yellow spooled with 14lb Sunline Shooter FC, this makes a fantastic jerkbait combination.


Complete test rigs for O.S.P. Rudra 130-SP Field Tests

Rod Custom G.Loomis MB843C GLX by Otterods
Reel 2004 Daiwa TDZ Custom Yellow
Line 14lb Sunline Shooter FC


Rigged and ready to go aboard my Custom MB843C GLX by Otterods

Typical of baits from Japan, the O.S.P. features very good detailing...


Casting: Coming in at three-quarters of an ounce, the Rudra is anything but hard to cast. In fact, it's weight is at the upper end of my custom MB843's lure rating, but fortunately, the rod handled this bait just fine. One really nice feature of a bait this big and heavy is the ease by which you can cast them into the wind. The Rudra is not affected by head or crosswinds and just cuts through the air to its intended target. Very refreshing.


...and an incredibly lustrous finish.

The diving bill the Rudra is surprisingly small

Retrieving: As one might expect, with a bait of this size, the Rudra has a real bite in the water, yet, it doesn't really dive very deep. It's rated to a six foot depth, but didn't really feel like it made that depth with my setup. Instead, when viewed in some clear water I'd say the Rudra was diving to a depth of only 3 feet for me. It suspends after each jerk, with a prominent head down position and its darting action can be likened to an underwater cigar or spook-like bait. It stops on a dime when you pause your cadence and if given enough slack, will actually turn around in the water. This bait has a very fine action.

We cannot get enough of this finish.


Features: As stated earlier, the Rudra is a big bait. As such, it comes with 3 treble hooks that are very sharp and rather stout. The body of the bait consists of several closed cells running perpendicular to the bait's length. O.S.P refers to this as a "Honeycomb HP Body", and supposedly has a great deal to do with the bait's action. The sides of the Rudra are flat to maximize flash.


Very sharp, stock hooks...

...and flat sided construction.

Effectiveness: In a limited test, out in the California Delta, when the striper were on a run, we fished the Rudra side by side with a similarly colored Lucky Craft Pointer 100SP (Aurora Black). First, Zander chucked the Pointer while I threw the Rudra and I caught 18 striper of various size to his 11. These were schooling fish, so there was no significant size to them. We then traded baits and he out-caught me 15 to 5. I refer to this test as limited because on any given day the fish will naturally prefer one bait over the other, but on this day, that choice was clearly the Rudra. We haven't had the opportunity to try again, but what that day did tell us is this is certainly an effective bait.


The Rudra is 130 millimeters or just over 5 inches

A shot of the Rudra's relatively slender profile.


Application: The Rudra, at 130 millimeters, is a really good multi-species jerkbait. It worked well in the California Delta targeting both largemouth and striper and actually, has become one of my jerkbaits of choice for striper in particular simply due to its larger size. It's wide darting action certainly has what it takes to trigger some monstrous strikes from both species.


Typical of baits that are difficult to acquire, I outfitted all my Rudra baits with LureSaver split rings.

Availability: O.S.P. has an office within the United States, but the distribution of their baits remains very limited. They did not reply to several attempts by us to get in touch. Just what we need, another highly effective, hard to get rip bait from Japan.

One last look at the O.S.P Rudra 130-SP.



O.S.P. Rudra 130-SP Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality This is a fine bait and a nice introduction for a new to us bait company 9
Performance While this bait performed really well for us, I wonder how well an even deeper diver might do! 9.5
Price $4 an inch... ouch. 7
Features Sharp hooks, a great finish, and seemingly stout construction 9
Design (Ergonomics) The finishes are outstanding 9
Application A good multi-species rip bait - just wish it would run a tad deeper 8

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J High quality bait L Hard to get
J Very good action L A little on the pricey side
J Sharp, stock hooks  
J Impressive finish  


One of several nice striper caught on the O.S.P. Rudra 130-SP


Conclusion: If the Rudra is any indication, we expect really good things from O.S.P. We already hear there's a certain "buzz" about some of their cranks, and we look forward to checking them out for ourselves. Our only hope is that distribution and production will pick up because with all the bait options out there today - especially in the rip bait space - our patience in acquiring viable baits to test will only go so far. For now, if you're a rip bait fanatic, you owe it to yourself to get some of these Rudra's. Naturally, I've already filled out my collection and I'm keeping them all to myself!










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