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Optics Review

Going Tactical with Numaís Durable X-Frame Optics (continued)


Once we were done torturing the frame in the lab it was time to see just how well these optics would really perform in the field. I wore them for a few months fishing for everything from largemouth bass at local Northern California lakes to trout in Nevada. Because the X-Frame is designed for tactical applications I also decided to expand my normal test metrics and utilize them in the snow for backcountry snowmobiling.


The frame without lenses


Operation: Iíve bought many pairs of interchangeable sunglasses over the years but I find that I typically use just one lens 90% of the time. This is not always because that one set of lens tint is what I actually prefer but because it is just so aggravating to wiggle and snap lenses in and out of frames that are hard to deal with. This is simply not the case with the X-Frame which has a very easy to manage Pivot-n-Slideô system.


A look through the polarized smoke lenses (right) improves depth and contrast


The X-Frame holds the lenses in place in the nose section while the outside edges rest freely against the frame. This allows lenses to be locked into place quickly, and to remove them anglers need only press and pivot their finger on the surface of the lens and it snaps right out.


Fishing with the Numa X-Frame on a very bright day


In terms of fit I found the X-Frame to be a little tight, putting pressure on my temples on both sides. I canít really fault the X-Frame for my enormous head though, and other editors that tried the sunglasses found them very comfortable. As with all sunglasses fit will vary for each and every person and I feel the X-Frame is best for those that prefer medium sized frames. Part of what makes the X-Frame so good for extreme activities as well as fishing with all day long is that they feel extremely lightweight.


The polarized smoke lenses (right) drastically reduce the mirror effect on he surface of the water


Weighing in at only .81oz. the X-frame is among the lightest pair of sunglasses we have tested to date. If not for the tight fit on me personally I would have hardly even felt like I was wearing sunglasses at all.


Removing and replacing lenses is quick and easy on the X-Frame


That tight fit did make it very easy to keep them on however, and during snowmobiling when things really got bumpy other sunglasses would creep downwards while the X-frame stayed firmly in place both due to the face hugging fit and non slip rubber nose pads. The lenses on the X-Frame provided excellent coverage from wind when going fast on the water or the snow.


Snowmobiling with the Numa X-Frame


In terms of optical clarity I found the polycarbonate lenses to be good, but not as crystal clear as some glass lenses that we have tested, on the plus side the polycarbonate is much lighter. All Numa lenses provide 100% protection from harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays.


The snow was much brighter than the surface of the lake and the X-Frame not only improved visibility but shielded my eyes from the wind at high speed


Next Section: Now that is what I call "durable"









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