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Watercraft Maintenance Review

Sunblock for Your Boat? Introducing NoSweat Mist's Quick Spray Shine Enhancer


Date: 10/1/06
Tackle type: Watercraft
Manufacturer: NoSweat Mist
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.83

Introduction: Are you confused by the vast array of boat care products on the market today? Or do you procrastinate at the thought of wiping down and caring for your boat's hull? Enter the world of Sieg Taylor, a tournament bass fisherman who grew tired of the confusion and fed up with the mess that presented itself each time he pulled his boat out of the water. Caring for his boat was just getting too time consuming and taking away from his joy of fishing. What did he do? He bottled up that old American entrepreneurial spirit with a keep it super simple (K.I.S.S.) goal and developed a suite of boat care products with recreational and tournament bass fisherman in mind. Introducing NoSweat Mist, a suite of boat care products designed to help keep your boat looking like new with minimal, continued effort.  

Introducing NoSweat Mists's Quick Spray Shine Enhancer

NoSweat Mist Quick Spray Shine Enhancer Specifications

Container 22 oz bottle / 1 gallon refill
Application Type Spray and wipe
Features UV Protection, No Silicone, Safe for all surfaces
MSRP $8.49 / $24.99

Background: Sieg Taylor is a professional tournament angler living on one of America's premiere bass fishing waters, Clear Lake, California. He tells us, at one point in time, he had maybe ten different products from ten different companies that did ten different things but all with the purpose of protecting his boat from the elements and keeping it looking like new. In short, it grew to be too much. That's when he decided there must be an easier way and came up with his politically correct version of KISS: keep it super simple.


Introducing NoSweat Mist's Boat Buff Marine Polish


In October of 1998, Sieg formed the parent company Mysta, Inc.. He then hired a chemist to develop the specific NoSweat Mist formula with the explicit requirement that there be plenty of ultra-violet inhibitors as well as quality, top end polymers. Sieg wanted protection from the sun and long lasting preservatives for the gel coat of his bass boat. Finally, in August of 2005, his product line was unveiled at the local SnagProof Tournament and while his approach to boat care has surely been simplified thanks to his own product, life has gotten crazy as he and his company scramble to keep up with the demand for the product. Naturally, we decided to check the product out for ourselves to determine just how well it performs.


Some boat care products contain silicone. While very effective in protecting your fiberglass finish, silicone can prove problematic should you ever need body work on your fiberglass boat. The NoSweat Mist product is clearly silicone free and therefore, body shop safe.


Field Tests: In our April 7, 2006 Preview we introduced you to the NoSweat Mist product suite which consists of four products: two polishers (marine and auto), a water spot remover, and a revitalizing shine enhancer. Our focus for this review is on the NoSweat Mist Quick Spray Shine Enhancer, a product designed to replenish the shine of your boat while at the same time provide long lasting UV protection.

The NoSweat Mist Boat Buff Marine Polisher dries to an easy to see, and not too difficult to wipe off gentle haze.

We also used the Boat Buff Polisher on the cowling of our motor.

Of course, before we can actually get to the NoSweat Mist Quick Spray Shine Enhancer, we must first start with a clean, polished boat or three. We took one of our boats and polished it up this past spring with NoSweat Mist's Boat Buff Marine Polish product. Our other two boats were polished with other products to test the cross-compatibility of the Quick Spray Shine Enhancer. We then took the product with us on all of our outings this past year for use in wiping down our boats after each trip.

We used the NoSweat Mist Quick Spray Shine Enhancer all summer long.


Application: An interesting note to the Quick Spray Shine Enhancer is the recommendation by NoSweat Mist to apply the product both before you launch, and after you pull out of the water. With the heavy concentration of UV inhibitors in their product, if you think about it, this only makes sense. It's like putting sunblock on your boat. In addition, with the added degree of preservatives, wiping down your boat afterwards can only be all that much easier. Unfortunately, this is not the route we took in testing the product as the last thing on our minds when heading out for a fishing adventure is boat maintenance!


The Quick Spray Shine Enhancer is just that easy to use, just spray and wipe, and it's safe for use on all surfaces of your boat including vinyl and plastic.

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