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Event Article:

Don Moorman, Swimbait Trophy Bass Hunter, shows us the Double Hudd Rig

Date: 3/30/08
Location: Lake Pardee, CA
Event Date: Mar 30th, 2008
Reviewer: Zander & Cal

Don Moorman is a self taught trophy bass hunter in Northern California who, in just a few short years has built quite the reputation among the big bait throwing community as a very humble, approachable, down to earth fisherman willing to share all he has learned, including unique rigging techniques, with just about anyone who cares enough to ask. This was all made clear in Terry Battistiís article published in BassWest Magazine late last year where Moorman shared with Battisti and the rest of us, many of his self discovered tweaks and modifications


Don Moorman is a self taught trophy bass hunter that has had a lot of success with swimbaits when it comes to big fish and big limits

The Swimbait bug bit Moorman less than three years ago when he caught his very first swimbait fish on a River2Sea Bottomwalker. Shortly after this, he discovered the Huddleston Deluxe Rainbow and as Moorman himself describes, after that it was all over. He has since landed twenty three bass over ten pounds and some incredible limits including multiple forty pound plus days, and even a few fifty pound limits. While this isnít the norm there is no doubt in Moormanís mind that his success catching both big fish and massive limits is due to the big baits.

The arsenal is loaded

Common with many anglers today, Moorman also happens to frequent a few of the Internet message boards dedicated to fishing. Thatís really where our introduction to Moorman came, in our very own discussion forum. His credibility, insights, and practical approach to trophy fishing were immediately evident, but then came a question regarding the relatively new, six-inch version of the venerable Huddleston Deluxe swimbait.

Zander dresses warm for what turns out to be a very cold morning

As it turns out, Moorman is good friends with a few of the West Coast big bait manufacturers and Ken Huddleston is one such friend. We suspect Moorman as been fishing the six-inch Hudd for quite some time, but we havenít asked him to betray this confidence.

First stop Moorman pulls out the Double Hudd Rig

Of note in the discussion thread was Moormanís description of his DOUBLE Six-inch Hudd Rig, but as with all discoveries of this sort, words simply were not enough. We got in touch with Moorman shortly after he made this announcement, and today, we share with you, our day on the water with Don Moorman where he shows us his Double Hudd Rig along with his approach and mindset on a day hunting for trophy sized smallmouth and largemouth bass.

The rig is attached using two swivels

We launched at the break of dawn at Lake Pardee. We chose this lake not only for the potential of big smallmouth bass, but also for the lakeís water clarity. We wanted a close look at the Double Hudd Rig, as well as his techniques, and the incredibly transparent water at Pardee offered over 30 feet of visibility.

Don and Cal work two swimbaits off the front of the deck

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