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Event Coverage

Monster BassJam 2010: Part 3 - New Lures of all Types


Date: 11/4/10
Event: Monster BassJam 2010
Location: Cotati, CA
Reviewer: Team TackleTour



Introduction: While anglers were all over the swimbaits at BassJam there were plenty of other exciting lures worth exploring at the show. Whether it was a new plastic, jig or blade the common factor among all these products was the attempt to differentiate themselves from the sea of competition either through innovation or quality.


Even before the new R2S Larry Dahlberg Diving Frogs become widely available the company has come up with new more detailed patterns


River2Sea: The recent partnership of Larry Dahlberg and River2Sea has resulted in some very interesting new creations from the company including the yet to be released "Larry Dahlberg Diving Frog" which was extremely well received at ICAST. Even before the actual lures have become readily available the team has been hard at work adding new patterns which feature more details and an overall more realistic look and feel.  


Which one is real? The Clackin Crawfish is one of the most realistic new crawfish baits...


The "Larry Dahlberg Clackin Crawfish" is probably the most realistic looking hard and soft hybrid crawfish lure we have seen to date and the company is planning to follow up the popular 5" version with new smaller sizes. Two smaller sizes are planned and we were shown sharp looking prototypes at the event which included the same basic design only miniaturized and the addition of a weedguard. The new Mini Craw and Tiny Craw version will be available in Spring.


....and the company is working on new mini and tiny versions for Spring


Snag Proof: Pro Angler Ish Monroe showed us two new frog patterns available in his Phat Frog lineup. The red bellied pattern is called the "Explosive Frog" and the black and white combo is called "Blowing Smoke." Both these colors will be available soon and retail for $8.99 each. Like the other frogs in Ish's lineup these new patterns are billed as "unsinkable" as they make use of two separate chambers, one for the hook and another sealed cavity just for air. To increase hookups the legs on this frog are positioned closer together so they completely clear the hooks.  


The new Explosive Frog pattern


In keeping with Ish's naming scheme this new pattern has been dubbed "Blowing Smoke"


Persuader: Bringing added realism to spinnerbait fishing Persuader's new "Imaged Blade" features actual photos of various prey on both blades that match the pattern of the lure's head. The images look very realistic but we questioned just how durable the design was. Cliff, Owner of Persuader, showed us a blade he had hit with a hammer multiple times. Though the blade was noticeably bent none of the printed image or paint had flaked off. The new Imaged Blade Spinnerbaits come in a variety of patterns including Bass, Bluegill, Crappie, Shad, Shiner and Perch. The new blades are available now and retail for $6.99 each. 


Persuader's new Imaged Blades are made from photos of actual fish


The complete spinnerbait looks like a school


Cliff shows us his newest creation and it is a very realistic one


Roy holds up the new Monster Hitch patterned Roboworm 6" Straight Tail


Roboworm: In addition to partnering with Jerry Rago to make some of his new swimbaits the company has also been working with the team at Monster Fishing Tackle to release a new colors called "Monster Shad" and "Monster Hitch" for the 6" straight tail worms and as you might expect these are exclusive colors for the shop. The new patterns look great and are a good pattern for clear water finesse fishing. 


The team at D&M show Zander their newest plastics


D&M: Known for exceptional quality D&M custom baits offers a wide range of baits including blades, jigs, swim jigs, creatures worms and craws. The company's 5" Crazy Craw is a popular choice to fish Texas or paired with one of D&M's flipping jigs. In the fish tank we could see the lure standing up and quivering with the slightest movement in the water.


The Crazy Craw can be used as a jig trailer..


D&M also introduced a new bait called the Punch Craw which is 4.25" in length and features 10 appendages. This full bodied bait can be used to punch through the thickest vegetation and the unique angle of multiple arms helps the bait slide through the weeds without hanging up. These baits come 6 to a pack and retails for $6.99.


...or fished by itself. The new Punch Craw (dark green) stands up behind the Crazy Craw



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