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Lure Review



Molix's Creature : A Super Sized Morsel of a Bait


Date: 6/9/21
Tackle Type: Lures
Manufacturer: Molix
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.42 - GOOD

My first recollection of a "creature" bait was when GYCB ran with the genre and introduced us to their Kreature bait. Since that time, we've referred to any soft plastic bait that has defies description and even some we can easily describe as simply as a creature bait - hence our Creature Fever theme. Molix jumped on that same bandwagon upon introducing their bug slash craw slash trailer bait by choosing the same name except with the traditional C instead of K. Here's our look at the Molix Creature.


Molix Creature Specifications

Type Trailer / Craw Creature
Material Soft Plastic
Colors/Patterns 6
Sizes 4"
Scent/Plastic Treatment None
# per package 5
Resealable Bag? Yes - Clam Shell Packaging
MSRP $7.99

Molix jumps on the creature bait bandwagon with a bait by that very name

Impressions: Molix's Creature soft plastic bait measures four inches in length but feels bigger because it's a bulky four inches. The bait's body and flaps are the same length, so this bait is all about action. The flaps actually consist of two sets of appendages: one set are traditional flaps that come attached out of the package but can be separated if you choose by breaking the very thin connection pieces in between.

This four inch bait packs some bulk


The Creature's second set of appendages off the end of the body resemble the mandibles from an oversized beetle. Both sets have micro-appendages that extend beyond and to the side almost like soft plastic hairs and serve to give the bait extra, subtle movement through water currents. Molix paid great attention to detail in this bait and helps preserve all of that detail by packaging their Creature in a clear, hard plastic clamshell case.

Only half of that bulk is in the body

Early success TX rigging the Creature

Real World Tests: I fished the Molix Creature on a Texas rig complete with glass bead and tungsten bullet weight usually on braided line like Sunline's FX2 or Berkley's Fireline Ultra8.

The middle flaps are attached out of the package and of course, can be separated if you want

Rigging of the Molix Creature is pretty straight forward and the bait even has a channel in its belly to not only guide you with hook placement but to make it easier for a straight shank hook to push through the bait on a hookset. I used Gamakatsu's oxymoron Finesse Heavy Cover hook while fishing this bait.

Ribs and a channel for the hook on the bait's belly

Dropping the bait in the water and observing it next to the boat you can see those little micro-appendages kind of come to life. The bait itself has good buoyancy but the flaps really do their thing as you hop it up and down. It certainly inspires confidence that it's likely to get bit.


Rigged with a straight shank hook


Get bit it does with probably average durability. I had a few baits last through several fish and still one or two others that showed immediate damage after just one fish or a missed strike. I think those big flaps are easy to swipe at as the fish tries to disarm the bait before engulfing it

Thanks to the bait's bulk, it's very easy to present to your intended target

Design & Ergonomics: Thanks to the bait's bulk, it's very easy to present to your intended target either with a pitch or a more traditional cast. But built into that bulk are some cool features that I already touched upon. If I have any criticism of this bait, it's that the Creature is only available in six different colors. Perhaps Molix is waiting for sales to pick up before extending the color pallet.

You can see the micro-appendages on either side of the flaps and on the tips of the mandibles

Otherwise, the way Molix packages these baits in the clear, hard plastic clamshell serves well to preserve each individual bait's shape. There are no scents or salt, that we could see, added to the baits, but the plastic has a nice, soft consistency.

A clear, hard plastic clamshell helps keep each bait intact and ready until you pull them out to fish

Price & Applications: With a bait as big and bulky as Molix's Creature comes a corresponding individual bait price that's usually not so great. Each package of the Creature retails for $7.99. This is for five baits, so the individual breakdown comes to roughly $1.60 per bait. Thought of in those terms, these Creatures are a little pricey.

Like a conductor directing the orchestra


Molix Creature Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Another quality soft plastic from Molix 8
Performance Excellent TX rigged by itself with a bullet weight 8
Price At approximately $1.60 per bait, a little pricey for a soft plastic 6
Features No scent, ribbed belly, micro-appendage at the end of the claw for just that extra bit of movement 7.5
Design (Ergonomics) Only 6 colors from which to choose, but those colors are pretty intricate 7
Application Flip or pitch it weighted or unweighted - it has a very enticing action unweighted 8

Total Score

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
For More Details of the updated rating system visit our explanation here


Pluses and Minuses:


+ Very good attention to detail - Limited color selection
+ Ribbed belly  
+ If you like big and bulky, this bait is big and bulky  


Conclusion: I almost forgot to mention one of the favorite ways I discovered to fish the Creature is unweighted. The bait is so bulky, it's easy to pitch or cast without any additional weight and when presented up next to a dock or other visible structure, it floats down in the water column ever so enticingly and in a neutral body position.


Molix's Creature is a tough meal for bass to pass up


I'm sure there are other methods I didn't even explore, but when you have success with the basics, sometimes you don't need to get too creative. I like the bulk of this bait because it's different than other creatures and since the bait looks so substantial, it's a tough meal for a hungry, or angry bass to pass up.


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