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Lure Review



Going Big with Missile Baits's Tomahawk 8.75


Date: 9/6/17
Tackle Type: Lures
Manufacturer: Missile Baits
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.33 - GOOD

Before there were big swimbaits, there was the big, soft plastic worm. Anglers looking to up their weights often relied upon these larger worms as a way to cull through the smaller, feistier fish and entice the bigger ones to bite. Missile Baits has a product to help you lock on target for those bigger bites. It is their Tomahawk, an eight and three quarter inch (8.75") twin tail worm.


Missile Baits Tomahawk 8.75 Specifications

Type Worm
Material Soft Plastic
Colors/Patterns 11
Sizes 8.75"
Scent/Plastic Treatment None Advertised (read Design & Ergonomics section)
# per package 6
Resealable Bag? Yes
MSRP $3.99


Impressions: Missile Bait's 8.75 is an 8.75" twintail worm poured with what the company refers to as Missile-Grip ribs along its body, before it extends to the twin curl tails at the end. The bait is available in eleven (11) different colors and really is about as basic as it gets - it's a big, long worm.


Introducing Missile Baits's Tomahawk 8.75 soft plastic worm.

Real World Tests: I fished the Tomahawk aboard an Abu Garcia Fantasista Premier heavy powered casting rod paired with a Shimano Metanium MGL spooled with twelve pound (12lb) Seaguar Tatsu Fluorocarbon. As with any soft plastic worm, but especially big ones like the Tomahawk, they're versatile enough to be fished on just about any size hook you want. Naturally the bigger the better, but sometimes, when the fish are shy, a smaller hook is what you need to use in order to trigger that strike.

The texture of the worm's main body is referred to as Missile-Grip Ribs by the manufacturer.

I fished the Tomahawk Texas style with a 3/0 Gamakatsu Finesse Heavy Cover Hook. I prefer to peg my weight so I can pitch into and around weeds and other cover and keep that bait moving so the tails can do their work. And those tails on the Tomahawk worm really spin and twirl well. This bait has really good action in the water when you hop it off the bottom.

The business end of the Tomahawk 8.75.


Naturally, at rest, the bait doesn't do much but curl up onto the bottom and wait for feedback from you on the other end of the line before beginning its dance once more. Durability of the Tomahawk worm is pretty good. It stands up to rigging and re-rigging better than a finesse worm, but there's more plastic with which to work too. A great thing about these big worms is, depending on how chewed up the bait is, you can extend the life of the worm by pinching some of the top off and starting over with your rigging too.

In case you can't recall which product it is you have at the end of your line, Missile Baits has this very convenient reminder!

Design & Ergonomics: Missile Baits does not advertise any type of fish attractant scent on the packaging of their plastics, but the Tomahawk worm is very oily out of the package and that oil definitely has some scent to it. The product bag was a little curious. There's a notch at the top of the packaging on the side, normally where you'd put a "tear here" indicator for opening the bag, but it's not sealed at the top. On my initial bag of Tomahawk worms, I ripped the bag open at this spot only to see on another package of the same worm, I could have just opened the bag without creating the little bit of waste material from the top of the bag.

The Tomahawk 8.75 sells for $3.00 per package of six (6) worms.

Price & Applications: The Tomahawk 8.75 sells for $3.00 per package of six (6) worms. That breaks down to roughly sixty seven cents ($0.67) per bait. Not a bad price for a "big bait". It's readily available at any outlets that carry the Missile Baits product including TackleWarehouse.


Missile Baits Tomahawk 8.75 Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality There's really not much to this bait 7.5
Performance Really enticing action underwater 8
Price ~$0.67 per bait 7.5
Features Pre-packaged with some type of oil that appears to be a fish attractant 7
Design (Ergonomics) Resealable plastic bag 7
Application Good choice for Texas or Carolina rigging 7

Total Score

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
For More Details of the updated rating system visit our explanation here


Pluses and Minuses:


+ Nice twintail interpretation of the classic big worm - Packaging oil can get a little messy
+ Really nice action when hopped along the bottom  


This fish hit the Tomahawk with a big "thump!"


Conclusion: We should note that the Tomahawk 8.75 is also an excellent candidate for Carolina rigging should you be so inclined. Once I got that first "thump" fishing it Texas rigged, I didn't have much motivation to change up my technique. Given the fact most of the worms I fish are around four to six inches in length and with a single, straight tail, it's pretty fun validation getting a hit on a worm this size. Yes, I know, that sounds funny coming from someone who is more than accustomed to throwing swimbaits this same length or even longer! Looking for a fun, big bait to change things up? Check out Missile Baits's Tomahawk 8.75!


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