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Lure Review

The Megabait Mega Crank wobbles with much holographic flash

Date: 1/17/06
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: MegaBait
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 8.16

Megabait, manufacturers of a dizzying array of freshwater and saltwater fishing lures provides some of the best ratio of performance and craftsmanship to value available in the industry. This attribute together with the availability of these lures continues to catch our attention as we have reviewed and will continue to review many of their products. This time we take a look at a series of crankbaits they call Mega Crank. Come join us to see how these divers run and perform against largemouth bass.

MegaBait Mega Crank 65 Specifications

Type Crankbait
Class Suspending
Colors/Patterns 9 available
Size 2.5 in
Weight 3/8 oz
Diving Depth 6-8 ft
Price $4.99


Introducing the Megabait Mega Crank 65 suspending crankbait

Megabait, as weve seen from past reviews, manufactures a vast array of products that are not only attractive but come with a decent price tag. Here we take a look at the Mega Crank 65, a suspending crankbait that has an extremely slim profile. The Mega Crank comes in nine patterns, some ghost and some holographic in appearance. The lure has realistic eyes, patterned scales and gills, a small anal fin, and a dorsal fin for both attractiveness and keeping it tracking true. Inside each lure youll find two metal BBs that are used to weigh the lure down for casting and produce clicking sounds during the retrieve. In addition, the Mega Crank comes in two other flavors, the 50 that dives from four to six feet and 65D that dives 10 to 12 feet when paired with the right line and retrieve.


Detailed patterns are seen on these lures


Complete Rig for Mega Crank

Rod St. Croix Avid Crankbait (AC66MHM)
Fenwick HMG (GT66M)
Reel Daiwa TDA 153HST
Quantum Energy PT
Line 8 & 12 lb. Sufix Elite

Field Tests:
Crankbaits are a great search tools and can be effective, in different ways, throughout the year. In our field test we applied the Megabait Mega Cranks in deeper waters where bass usually suspend, in shallow waters around local lakes, and we also ran them along ambush points on weed lines and tulles.


Check out the blue glow of the holographic patterned Mega Crank as the sun shines on it


Casting: At 3/8th of an ounce and with the assistance of two BBs inside the lures cavity, the Megabait casts well. During a cast, the BBs shift towards the target transferring all their weight to aid in achieving maximum distance. With either the St. Croix Avid or Fenwick HMG, using 8 pound test, the Mega Crank flew smoothly through the air. Twelve pound test line did affect our overall distance but not to the point of concern, because we were still able to reach our targets only 40 feet away with easy side-arm casts.


The lip is designed to match the body to provide a wide wobble


Retrieve: Just by looking at the profile of this crankbait straight out of the box you can pretty much predict how the Mega Crank will run in the water. This crankbait has a wide wobble when retrieved slow or fast and can be burned through the water with little resistance thanks to the design of the bill and body.


A slim profile allows you to burn the lure through the water without much resistance


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