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Lure Review

Pursuing multiple species with the MegaBait Live Jig

Date: 12/17/03
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: MegaBait
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 8.08

Introduction: Whether you are targeting freshwater fish in local lakes or tackling fish in the deep blue sea, the MegaBait Live Jig can be the lure that helps you haul in that next big fish. The Live Jigs feature an enticing holographic finish, proven patterns, and has proven to be quite a versatile lure.


MegaBait Live Jig Specifications

Material Lead
Colors 12 available
Sizes 1/4 - 6.5oz
Price $4.59 and $7.89

Impressions: The Live Jigs come in plenty of different sizes and a whole lot of colors and patterns that you can use to fish for species like huge Albacore all the way to delicate freshwater trout.  They feature a realistic 3D eye and are shaped to mimic baitfish.


The MegaBait Live Jig employs a flashy holographic finish and realistic 3D eyes

Field Tests: The MegaBait Live Jigs are extremely versatile lures and can be used to catch just about any type of fish out there as long as you match up the right pattern and size to the application. To test the Live Jig we headed out from Pillar Point in Half Moon Bay, California, to target Albacore and rockfish, as well as tested the freshwater applications in various lakes holding bass and trout.


Casting & The Drop: There's no doubt that the Live Jig casts extremely well. Constructed out of a solid lead core and molded aerodynamically, this MegaBait lure is great for make those really long casts.  Its narrow and slim profile takes on little air resistance while shooting through the air. Besides a distant cast, the Live Jig can drop down to target depths quickly. As aerodynamic the bait is in the air, its just as hydrodynamic in the water. While using PowerPro 50/12 and an 1.5 ounce Live Jig, reaching 100ft down for rockfish was an easy task, even in rough ocean conditions. 


The Live Jig casts well and drops down quickly reaching those prime fishing depths.  Each Live Jig has an attractive color and pattern


Retrieving: Normally when one fishes jigs, you won't receive the majority of your action when using a cast and retrieve method alone. The Live Jig works best in a few different ways. With the help from a close friend who's a saltwater expert, I was able to get into the action of some late season tuna bite. While live baiting for these hard hitting fish, the MegaBait Live Jig did a great job. As live bait is being tossed into the water the schooling tuna darted closer to the surface to feed. At this point, simply cast out the Live Jig as close to the large bait balls and as the Live Jig drops with its erratic wobbling action, that is when your hook ups will occur as the tuna view the lure as a wounded baitfish, and proceed to strike.


Catching deep sea monsters to resident lake trout, the Live Jig is a versatile lure that can be used in any condition


As with Albacore, other saltwater species such as rockfish and stripers also proved fond of the Live Jig.  After getting down to the deep rocky bottom, begin vertical jigging by moving your rod tip up and down, allowing the Live Jig to lurch and free fall hitting the bottom continuously, during the fall is when most of the bites will occur, so be prepared to set the hook and haul the rock fish up.


Freshwater anglers can benefit from the small sized Live Jigs to target bass, trout, walleye, pike and much more. Take a closer look at the detailed finish


Employing vertical jigging for freshwater species is also effective, especially for suspended bass. Teasing the bass or other aggressive game fish with the MegaBait Live Jig is a good technique in those colder months. As light reflects off of the holographic finish, it brings plenty of flash combined with the lure's dropping action, and works well at triggering reaction strikes. Since the Live Jigs come in the 1/4 and 1/2 ounces sizes, they can also be used to target trout in lakes. Cast far out and with this solid jig, you can target trout in multiple depths by counting down, then begin to retrieve, similar to the way you would fish a traditional Kastmaster. Once again, you will trigger more bites as you pause, allowing this bait to fall. So I recommend when targeting trout, use a retrieve, pause, allow the lure to drop some, and repeat that method all the way back.


Scratched and chipped while bouncing the rocky bottoms for rockcod, this exact lure still caught the daily limit and lived to fish another day

 Throughout the field tests the Live Jig faired well in most situations until it came in contact with abrasive structure, especially during rockcod fishing. If you bounce the Live Jig up and down on the jagged sharp rocks, the nice holographic finish will definitely be damaged, but after the paint chips off, I was still able to achieve my daily limit. If you plan to fish in locations where the Live Jig will not come in contact with rough surfaces, then you won't have problems with the paint coming off. The components used on this lure do a noble job withstanding corrosion, but be sure to rinse the lure after each use.  Lastly, while quickly dropping the jig straight down onto a hard surface, it is possible to bend the lead body, but this also did little to effect the effectiveness of the lure.


MegaBait Live Jig Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Well made and lasts fairly long, but if you use it to fish for rockfish or bouncing it on sharp rocks, the paint will be stripped off after a while.  If you drop the lure to the bottom of the ocean too much and too fast, the lead will bend 7.5
Performance The lure works great at hooking fish, has an attractive fall, and produces a lot of flash from its holographic finish to entice fish to strike 8.5
Price Compared to other painted jigs, this lure deserves this price tag 8
Features The Live Jig features nice colors and patterns and a 3D eye to give a realistic appeal 8
Design (Ergonomics) The holographic paint and detailed patterns are very nice.  Stays on well until you put it through rough conditions 8
Application A versatile jig that works great on multiple species of saltwater and freshwater fish 8.5

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Awesome holographic patterns L Paint can be stripped off if used in rough rocky conditions
J Performs well on many species L Lead can bend on hard impacts
J Attractive  

Conclusion: Straight out of the package, the MegaBait Live Jig is extremely attractive, but even more brilliant when sunlight strikes the holographic finish. The holographic colors and patterns differ depending at the angle of light, and flashes like a baitfish fleeing from its predators with every aggressive jig of the lure. The Live Jig can be fished for large tuna to largemouth bass to the most timid of trout. Either casting and retrieving or simply tossing it out, this MegaBait lure performs well and was a proven fish catcher in both our fresh and saltwater tests.


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