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Rod Review


Megabass Triza : The True Measure of a Travel Stick? (continued)

Design & Ergonomics: What is this Triangle Construction I keep mentioning? Simply stated, it's the specific design of each section of a three piece rod for optimal performance. The base for stability, the mid section for backbone and torque, and the tip for presentation and working your bait. Not all triangles are created equal nor are their sides. I'm not quite certain the base and mid section perform independent functions, but the tip certainly does and the Hibali's impressed me.

Early success with the Hibali

Megabass does offer other configurations in their Triza family, some with two separate tips giving you the option of two rods in one. Honestly, this is nothing new, but when it's Megabass doing it, and saving you the expense of two separate rods, it's kind of noteworthy.

Lab Results for Megabass Triza F0-68XSTZ Hibali

Avg RoD
Measured Weight (oz)
Balance Point (inches)
Balancing Torque (ftlbs)
Megabass Triza F0-68XSTZ Hibali
What the Finesse Avg

The rod comes with a cloth case to carry each section and there are alignment markers at each joint to help you assemble the rod up properly. A pet peeve of mine are multi-piece rods that do not have these little markers. It doesn't take much, but the presence of this feature really enhances the experience.

Each Triza stick comes in a custom carrying bag

Alignment markers for each section of the rod

Perhaps my favorite feature of this stick is that elegantly crafted reel seat and that section of the rod located at the end of the butt section towards the top. It's separated by a white background and contains a little sketch with text in a handwriting font listing suggested applications for the rod. Little touches like this are what elevate the experience holding and fishing any particular rod. Sure it's a tool, but it doesn't have to be "just" a tool and no one enables that experience better than Megabass.

One of my favorite features of this stick is this sketch like recommended technique label

One thing I don't like about the Hibali is the fact the reel seat locking mechanism is located at the top of the reel seat and not the bottom. On spinning rods, it's just more stable when that lock ring is on the bottom side of the rod so you don't accidentally loosen the ring and reel as you're fishing. In turn, this allows the foregrip to be tapered toward the blank for a more comfortable hold.

One of my least favorite features of this stick is the orientation of the reel seat

Price & Applications: The Hibali and most of its siblings retail for $370 a copy. The one outlier, the Dragoon, a 7'2" stick rated to three ounces in lure weight and comes with the afore mentioned two tips retails for close to $450. The Hibali is a very capable stick for finesse applications so long as you are aware of its zero power rating. The best thing, of course, is the fact it's a three-piece rod that fishes like a one piece.


Megabass Triza F0-68XSTZ Hibali Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Very clean build. The type of detail that is consistent with higher-end Megabass rods 9
Performance A three piece rod that fishes like a one piece. What more could you want? 9
Price A multi-piece stick with a good grade of components at this price is pretty good, and especially so for a JDM class rod 7.5
Features Finally a travel rod with decent components. The bundled bag is a very nice touch that looks and feels very custom 7.5
Design (Ergonomics) Breaks down in three pieces and comes with a nice travel pouch but I'd like it better if that reel seat were flipped. A hard case is available but is a rather expensive option at $79.99 on top of this $370 dollar rod 7
Application From finesse fishing for black bass to tossing micro-baits for panfish and trout. This stick is a true multi-species tool. 9

Total Score

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
For More Details of the updated rating system visit our explanation here


Pluses and Minuses:


+ Three piece that fishes like a one - No hook keeper (not even a removable one)
+ Alignment markers at the joints - Reel seat is right side up
+ Quality components - Hard travel case is not included and a $79.99 dollar option
+ Super sensitive  


Conclusion: Just a few short years ago the options for travel rods was very slim - especially if you needed a stick that broke down into more than two pieces. One of my favorites to date is St. Croix's Legend Trek, but before I discovered that series, the majority of options were full of compromises - good blank, bad components, or decent components, terrible blank. Thankfully, rod manufacturers have taken note, and are finally providing anglers with options allowing them to take that enthusiast spirit on the road free of compromise.


The Hibali is a wonderful tool for finesse applications regardless of the fact it's a travel rod


Megabass's Triza series does all of this and takes it to another level with more than half a dozen models from which to choose. The Hibali, specifically, is sneaky versatile, as are all ultra-light rods, because you can target so many species with minimal tackle. This makes it all the more convenient to pack for that trip to the backcountry, or just keep in your car for those situations you need to grab a quick bite at the local pond on the way home. You can even keep it as a spare on the boat as insurance against those days that require you to declare What the Finesse! Beyond the fact this is a travel stick, the Hibali is an excellent choice in a rod for finesse applications meaning the fact it breaks down for easy storage is simply a side benefit. That's the true measure of a good travel rod. Would you rely upon it regardless of whether or not it breaks down for convenience? The answer with Megabass's Triza Hibali is a resounding yes.


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